Triple H Injured; TNA Name Change?

Triple H is having more problems with one of his quadriceps. He is working through them at the moment but there is a chance he will need to take time off for surgery by the summer. Given that Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker are expected to take several months off after WrestleMania, however, it may be delayed further.

Back when Frank Dickerson came into the company he motioned for TNA to get a new name. There were a lot of meetings about it at the time but as they had just started on Spike TV it was decided to stick with the name rather than trying to get momentum for a new one. Jerry Jarrett never liked the TNA name, which Vince Russo came up with in 2002 as the company began in a more risque direction. Dixie Carter, however, is said to be very loyal towards the TNA name.

Credit: Wrestling Observer

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