90210 – Episode 2-13 Review

This Tuesday’s episode of <i>90210</i> picked up right as all our fav West Bev Juniors were returning home from winter break.  After last December’s episode we’ve been waiting to see where things were heading for several on and off again couples.

Naomi and Liam had been texting all break long but when they got back together the chemistry just wasn’t there. Well, not until they had sex on the boat Liam had been secretly building all throughout the first half of the season. Sparks really flew for them but once sex was over so were the fireworks and they were right back to the awkward connection.

Silver and Dixon shared a kiss at the Winter Wonderland dance but Silver is really interested in Teddy and Dixon knows this.  In order to get his girl back he sabotaged both of their feelings for each other by playing up Silvers fears that Teddy is a player and by making Teddy think he and Silver are getting back together because that sounds like a great idea that won’t come back to bite this character in the butt. However it is the most interesting storyline Dixon’s had all season, is it just me or are the writers struggling to find storylines that fit for him. I love his best friend comradery with Navid and his relationship with his adoptive mother was almost moving but he’s been stale otherwise.

Annie and Jasper were done since the dance when Annie’s friends and frenimies staged an intervention begging her to realize her boyfriend was a drug dealer and she actually bought it.  The cliffhanger was that when Jasper finally confessed to dealing and pushing Navid down a flight of stairs he let Annie in on his knowledge of her secret: that she was involved in a hit and run last prom on the season 1 finale.  Something he continued to hold over her head tonight as he used this to keep her from breaking up with him.  I’m not sure how long poor Annie can hold out or how much longer this storyline will go but it’s one of my favorites so I’m definitely interested to see where they take it.

Some other highlights tonight were Navid getting busted with drugs in his locker, drugs he had planted in Jaspers locker! Gasp! Where will this land our West Bev Blaze News editor in chief?

Former addict Adrianna freaked after accidently having a sip of a rum and coke, she called her classmate and AA pal Gia (played by the hyped guest star Rumer Willis) who already happened to be at the beach club party.  Gia talked her through it but had something to freak out about herself when her ex-girlfriend showed up at the party with her new girlfriend. Adrianna repaid Gia her thanks by plopping on her lap and giving her a sweet kiss.  Where will this friendship lead, well anyone who keeps on their entertainment news knows that this is supposed to lead to a coupling but how will it all play out and how long will it last are another story.

My personal favorite moment of the night aside from all of Naomi’s one-liners was when Debbie Wilson pulled <i>Beverly Hills, 90210</i> original Kelly Taylor into an office to call out the crush Kelly had on her husband and the schools principal, Harry Wilson.  This led to some unexpected girl bonding, which was rather fun and later when Debbie tried to set Kelly up with her yoga instructor Kelly helped Debbie to realize he was crushing on her.

Drama is no stranger to <i>90210</i> and from next Tuesday’s promo it looks like an Ivy/Liam/Naomi love triangle will be at the center of this episode including a cat fight on the beach that I’m hoping will be an all out fight since Naomi is vicious when she wants to be and Ivy is no pushover.  One of the best parts of this show is it knows how to have fun and to not take itself too seriously. If you missed tonight’s episode catch up, cause this show has set quite the stage for rest of season 2 and since the CW already renewed the show for a third season I have a feeling things will be going out with quite a bang in the weeks to come.  See you next 90Tues10!!