JR Interview: Current Health Situation, Danny Hodge

Inside Pulse’s favorite other MMA site is Heavy.com, manned by Jeremy Botter. He recently had a chance to interview Jim Ross. Here are some highlights of Part 1:

on his current health situation:
I’m doing very good. Since my third attack of Bells Palsy in October, I’ve been on a quasi-medical leave from working on the air for WWE. Facial paralysis tends to slow a guy down from being on TV. So I haven’t been traveling a lot, but I’m feeling much better. I made some good decisions regarding my lifestyle and my diet. I’m exercising and going to the gym and things of that nature. Sometimes you have to be scared straight to make decisions that should be simplistic to make. But I’m feeling much better, and I think I’m getting better every day.

on Danny Hodge fighting in MMA if he were in his prime today
So in today’s MMA, he would have been a natural light heavyweight. He could take anybody down. He wrestled at 177 and had to cut weight. He was probably walking around at 210 pounds. The fact that he could take anybody down, be it light heavyweight or heavyweight, goes without saying. And then you add in his incredible punching power as the best amateur boxer in America to go with three NCAA championships in wrestling. You just created the perfect model for an MMA superstar.

Full interview at Heavy.com