One Year in Knoxville – February 7, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. Once again he was joined by Dutch Mantell, but they also had Carl Styles and Rip Rogers with them. Caudle announced that today we’d see Terry Gordy, Hollywood Bob Holly, and Paul Orndorff would be in action. Mantell then announced that despite his ongoing illness, he’d be in Styles’s corner as he battled Brian Lee.

Caudle then turned to Rogers, who claimed to be the most fit man in professional wrestling. Rogers also promised to do free squats for the entire episode.

We then headed to the ring, where Jumpin’ Joey Maggs was waiting. His opponent, Hollywood Bob Holly, made his normal entrance moments later.

Mantell pointed out that Holly was undefeated as the bell rang. The two locked up and Holly took Maggs down with an arm drag. Rogers informed us he was up to 64 squats as Maggs took Holly down and locked in an armbar. Holly kicked his way free as Caudle told us that Bob Armstrong had word about Ron Wright.

Maggs ran Holly out of the ring and Holly took a moment to regroup. Holly returned to the ring and jawed at Maggs before the two started shoving each other. Maggs took Holly down and locked in an armbar. Holly whipped Maggs and went down to a shoulder block. Maggs slammed Holly and then went down with another arm drag and Maggs returned to the armbar.

As Rogers achieved 140 squats, Holly took Maggs down with a back elbow. Holly stomped him and Maggs fell into the ropes. Holly pulled him up and snapmared him down, then dropped a leg for two. Holly hit an elbow and nailed a big boot that put Maggs down. Holly hit a swinging neck breaker and covered for another two.

Maggs fought free and started to regain control of the match. Maggs back dropped Holly and a shoulder block got a one count. Maggs tried again and got a two. Holly caught Maggs with an elbow and slammed him, then climbed the ropes. Holly nailed his top rope elbow and got the win.

We headed to commentary, where Caudle was joined by Tim Horner. Rogers interrupted the interview to keep his squat count going as he passed 250. Rogers told Horner nobody wanted to hear from him and told him that he didn’t think that Horner could do squats for an entire hour. Horner bet Rogers five hundred dollars that he couldn’t do the squats for the entire hour. Rogers took the bet and we headed to commercial as Horner promised to check back.

We returned to see Tommy Angel in the ring. “Freebird” echoed throughout the arena as Terry Gordy made his entrance.

The two locked up and Gordy backed Angel into the corner. The ref forced a break and they locked up again. Gordy found himself in the corner and we had another break. Another lockup sent Angel into the corner and Fordy went to a headlock. Angel reversed and got a headlock of his own, but Gordy fought free and went to his own headlock.

Angel took Gordy down and kept a headlock on. Gordy returned to his feet as Rogers reached 467. Gordy got his own headlock and cranked away. Gordy wound up in the corner again and Gordy hit a forearm, followed by a kick and a knee lift. Gordy and Angel traded arm wringers and Angel barred the arm.

Gordy got into the ropes to force the break and started clubbering before sending Angel into the turnbuckle. Gordy hit an elbow and then dropped an elbow for a two count. Rogers reached 546 as Gordy and Angel started trading punches. Gordy hit a kick to the gut and power bombed Angel for the win.

We returned to commentary, where Gordy joined Caudle for a word. Caudle brought up the tournament for the Smoky Mountain Heavyweight title. Gordy said there was no one alive who could beat him before adding that if Smoky Mountain had a title, it belonged to him. Gordy also claimed that Bob Armstrong already knew that Gordy would be winning the title.

Rogers was still going strong as Armstrong came in for a word. Armstrong announced that in two weeks the tag team title tournament would start. Armstrong also said that he was having problems with Ron Wright. We saw footage of Wright giving knucks to Ivan Koloff, Wright giving knucks to Dutch Mantell, and Wright holding Tommy Angel’s boot during a match with Bob Holly.

Armstrong said that his hands were tied because Wright did have a manager’s license, however he did ban Wright from ringside unless someone he was managing was in the match.

Wright then rolled into the interview. Wright asked how Armstrong could mistreat a poor, crippled old man like himself. Armstrong cut Wright off and said that he wasn’t buying Wright’s nonsense because he’d wrestled Wright for 20 years. Armstrong called Wright rotten and reiterated that Wright was banned from ringside. As Wright protested, Armstrong took control of the wheelchair and pushed him out of the arena.

We came back from commercial to see Caudle joined by Paul Orndorff. Orndorff asked why Gordy could use the power bomb that could break a neck, yet he couldn’t use a piledriver. He demanded to know why he couldn’t use the move. Caudle said what a deadly move it was and Orndorff replied that he was there to win. Orndorff said that there wasn’t a man out there who could beat him, and he knew he could win even without the piledriver.

Orndorff headed to the ring, where Bad Boy Barry Horowitz was waiting. Mantell talked about how Orndorff and Gordy were both ready for the tournament as Horowitz and Orndorff locked up. Horowitz got to the ropes to force the break and Orndorff backed off. They locked up again and Horowitz got a headlock. Orndorff then caught Horowitz with a drop toe hold and started cranking on a headlock.

Horowitz fought free and bridged Orndorff down with a wrist lock. Orndorff reversed and took Horowitz down with a headlock. Horowitz scissored his legs around Orndorff’s head and Orndorff broke free as Rogers hit 1,060.

Orndorff jabbed at Horowitz and the ref backed him off. The two circled the ring before locking up. Orndorff took Horowitz down with a fireman’s carry and locked in an armbar. Horowitz backed into the corner and the ref broke, allowing Horowitz to punch Orndorff and then hit a high knee that sent Orndorff out of the ring.

Horowitz followed and hit another knee lift before dropping an elbow on Orndorff’s throat. Horowitz slingshotted Orndorff under the ropes and pulled him back in. Horowitz hit a punch and raked Orndorff’s back. Horowitz jabbed Orndorff in the eyes and then hit a gut wrench suplex for a couple of twos. Horowitz tried again and got another two.

Horowitz locked in a front face lock and pulled Orndorff up. He backed Orndorff into the corner and hit an elbow, then sent him across the ring. Orndorff got a high knee and a clothesline, then threw Horowitz out of the ring.

Orndorff followed and kicked Horowitz in the head from the apron. Orndorff sent Horowitz into the safety rail and threw him back in. Orndorff went up top and hit a top rope elbow. Orndorff then set up for a piledriver and the ref warned him off.

Orndorff missed a dropkick and Horowitz dropped his knee pad. Horowitz dropped a knee for two and Orndorff hit a backslide for the win.

Rogers was still going strong as we headed to commercial.

We came back to see Caudle with Jim Cornette. Cornette attacked the fans, then started on Bob Armstrong. Cornette first denounced Armstrong for his actions with Wright, then said that he wouldn’t reveal his incoming team because the rest of the wrestlers would quit immediately.

Cornette put his team over and wished Rogers luck on his way out.

Dutch and Styles then joined Caudle for footage from last week. We saw Styles after his match when Lee entered the ring. Lee said he had no problem with Styles and called Mantell down. Mantell begged off because he was sick and Styles attacked from behind. Styles and Lee traded punches and we returned to the arena.

Dutch called Lee a coward, then promised that Lee would drag his carcass down the aisle and then Carl Styles would take Lee out.

Cornette joined Caudle at commentary as we saw that Rogers was still going. Dutch and Carl Styles were already in the ring. Brian Lee started making his way to the ring as Dutch gave Styles some last minute instructions. Lee immediately went after Dutch and caught him on the outside. Styles hit a double forearm. Lee fought free and went after Dutch again. Lee caught Mantell and Styles clubbed Lee before sending him into the ring.

Lee stomped away and Styles and hit a backdrop. Lee went after Dutch and chased him again only for Styles to pop Lee. Styles sent Lee into the safety rail and picked up a chair. Lee backed Styles into the apron, hit a forearm, and went after Dutch again. Styles caught Lee again and the two brawled back into the ring.

Lee and Styles locked up and Styles went for a suplex only for Lee to reverse it and go after Dutch yet again. Styles caught him and began slugging away. Lee returned the favor and the two returned to the ring. Lee took Styles down and slammed him.

Lee went after Dutch again and Dutch raked his eyes. Styles stomped Lee and choked him with his boot. The ref warned Styles, which allowed Dutch to land a few shots of his own. Styles got a headlock and hit another punch.

Styles choked Lee over the ropes and hit a knee. Dutch went after Lee again as Styles distracted the ref. Styles slammed Lee and dropped an elbow. Styles locked in a chinlock.

The ref checked Lee’s arm and it stayed up on the third drop. Lee fought back to he feet and fought free. Lee charged and jumped straight into a Styles bear hug.

Lee broke the hold and hit a knee to the gut. Styles raked Lee’s eyes and Lee hit a big kick to put Styles down. Lee punched Styles and hit a clothesline that flattened Styles. Lee kicked him and hit the Cancellation. Lee covered and got the win as Dutch hit the ring and attacked Lee.

Styles and Mantell double-teamed Lee only for Lee to hit them both with a clothesline. Styles and Dutch quickly left the ring as Lee posed for the fans.

Caudle got a word with Jim Cornette. Cornette talked about how people were getting set to see Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Cornette said that people wanted to see wrestling – not a circus. Cornette also promised that his new tag team would debut shortly.

Back at live TV, Horner saw that Rogers was still hard at it. Rogers told Horner there was nothing he could do to stop him from winning the bet. Caudle checked the time and Horner kicked Rogers’s chair away at 59:30. Caudle told Rogers he’d failed and said goodbye for another week as Rogers protested.

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