TNA Monday Impact Spoilers For March 15, 2010 w/Jeff Hardy, RVD

Opens with A.J. Styles and Ric Flair doing an interview. Styles started making fun of Abyss thinking the ring makes him stronger. Styles talks about how they’ve wrestled many times before and he’s always won. Jeff Hardy comes out. Styles said Hardy was a nobody and this led to Styles vs. Hardy in a non-title match.

Eric Bischoff vowed to shave Mick Foley’s head and beard and make him clean cut

At some point the Nasty Boys put Jesse Neal through a table, thereby subjecting us to more Nasty Boys matches. Actually it was supposed to be Nasty Boys & Jimmy Hart vs. 3-D & Neal, but now Neal is injured and it looks like a handicap match. But 3-D has a surprise.

Nasty Boys & Jimmy Hart b Team 3-D & the returning Brother Runt (Spike Dudley) when Sags pinned Bubba after using Jimmy Hart’s helmet. Team 3-D was laid out and they set up a table but Neal, all taped up, makes the save and it ends up with Sags going through the table.

Angelina Love does an interview challenging anyone of The Beautiful People to a match. She said she originated the group and will take out the trash one person at a time

Jeremy Borash was interviewing Scott Hall & Sean Waltman. Kevin Nash & Eric Young came out and gave Hall $25,000 to get in the ring with Nash for five minutes. Yes, they’ve already signed for it on PPV. I guess Hall is on the $1 per buy bonus and asked for an advance.

Kurt Angle & The Pope b Mr. Anderson & Desmond Wolfe when Pope pinned Wolfe with a small package. Wolfe attacked Pope and Anderson uses the dog tags and makes Angle bleed. Didn’t we already see that? This is like booking in reverse. We do the blow-off of a feud, then work our way backwards.

Hulk Hogan, RVD & Jeff Hardy are backstage. Hogan announces Abyss as the special enforcer for Hardy vs. Styles

Angelina Love b Daffney-DQ. Apparently Daffney was a member of the Beautiful People for one night only. The others all interfered of course. They beat her down until Tara made the save

Kevin Nash vs. Scott Hall in a five minute challenge. Waltman handcuffs Nash to the ropes. Young makes the save and the time runs out so Hall & Waltman get the money

Hogan demands Sting come out. Sting came out but RVD attacked him and got the bat and threw it to Hogan. Bischoff came out and got Sting out and yelled at Hogan for getting involved physically when he’s supposed to be leading the company behind the scenes.

Hernandez tells Jeff Jarrett he wants to team with him against Beer Money. Bischoff got mad about this and ordered Hernandez against Beer Money in a handicap match

Beer Money b Hernandez with the DWI. Jarrett ran in after and Jarrett and Hernandez cleaned house. Matt Morgan was on commentary and must not have helped

Eric Bischoff is about to shave Mick Foley’s head, but Foley attacked Bischoff, put him in the chair and shaved his head.

Machine Guns did an interview saying the winner of the Ultimate X match on the PPV is the No. 1 contender for the tag titles. Hopefully this isn’t the same as all the No. 1 contenders for the singles title like Lashley. Generation Me came out. The Machine Guns asked them who have they ever beaten. They responded they beat The Machine Guns. They claim Generation Me are the Ataris of tag teams while they are the XBoxes of tag teams. They are also the Ferraris and Generation Me are the Station Wagons. This ended in a brawl about girlfriends with Brian Kendrick, Amazing Red, Daneils and Kazarian all out with the face side cleaning house with dives off ladders and the Ultimate Xstuff.

Jeff Hardy b A.J. Styles with a twist of fate and swanton. The ref was knocked out so Abyss counted the fall. Flair hit Hardy with a chair after the match. Flair and Abyss went at it and Abyss choke slammed Flair through a gimmicked stage and threatened Styles.

credit: Wrestling Observer

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