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TNA Monday Night Impact Spoilers | Inside Pulse

TNA Monday Night Impact Spoilers

– A.J. Styles calls Abyss scary but stupid. He says he does not believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny or magical rings. Ric Flair rants about Hulk Hogan. Jeff Hardy turns up and A.J. calls him a nobody. A.J. challenges him to a match and Hardy accepts.

– Eric Bischoff tells Mick Foley tonight they will shave his hair and beard off and make him into a citizen.

– Nasty Boys assault Jesse Neal backstage and put him through a table.

– Nasty Boys & Jimmy Hart beat Team 3D. Brother Runt teams with Brother Ray and Brother Devon, replacing Jesse Neal. Jerry Sags hits Ray with the helmet and Hart gets the pin. Neal comes out afterwards to make the save and Sags gets put through a table.

– Angelina Love calls the Beautiful People rip-offs of her own, original idea and challenges any of them to a match.

– Kevin Nash and Eric Young confront Scott Hall and Sean Waltman. Nash offers Hall some money for five minutes in the ring with him tonight, which Hall accepts.

– Kurt Angle & Da Pope beat Ken Anderson & Desmond Wolfe when Pope pins Wolfe with a small package. They brawl to the back as Anderson attacks Angle with the metal tags, busting him open.

– Hulk Hogan announces Abyss is the special enforcer for the Hardy/Styles match. Rob Van Dam tells Hogan and Hardy he has something special in store for him. Eric Bischoff tries to talk to Hogan about Hardy and RVD turning up last week but Hogan blows him off.

– Angelina Love beats Daffney by DQ. The Beautiful People introduce Daffney as a one-night-only member. All four women attack Angelina but Tara makes the save.

– Kevin Nash gets handcuffed to the ropes by Sean Waltman before his in-ring challenge with Scott Hall. They beat him up until Eric Young makes the save. Hall and Waltman grab the money and run away.

– Hulk Hogan demands an answer from Sting. Rob Van Dam attacks Sting as he makes his way out. Hogan and RVD beat on Sting until Bischoff comes out with security to rescue Sting. Bischoff and Hogan argue.

– Hernandez tells Jeff Jarrett he will team with him against Beer Money tonight. Bischoff overhears this and makes it into a handicap match instead, with Jarrett as referee, ordering Jarrett to call it right down the middle.

– Beer Money beats Hernandez with a DWI. Matt Morgan does some commentary but leaves during the match. Beer Money attack Jarrett afterwards but Hernandez makes the save.

– Bischoff brings out Foley for his grooming session. Foley stops him and beats him up with the sock. He puts Bischoff into the barber’s chair and shaves his head instead.

– Motor City Machine Guns discuss Ultimate X at the Destination X PPV. The winners become #1 contenders to the tag team titles. They say it will be the start of the Motor City Era. Generation Me remind them that they beat them in their debut match. The Guns say they are the Xbox to Generation Me’s Ataris. They brawl but Brian Kendrick makes the save for the Guns. Amazing Red then takes out Kendrick. Daniels then takes out Red. Kazarian then takes out Daniels with a ladder. Generation Me climb the Ultimate X structure and dive onto the Guns. Red dives off the ladder onto Kendrick and Daniels.

– Jeff Hardy beats A.J. Styles in a non-title match with a swanton. There was a ref bump so Abyss took over and counted the pin. Ric Flair attacked Hardy with a chair afterwards. He went to hit Abyss but wound up getting chokeslammed through the ramp.

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