IPTV Exclusive: Reality Obsessed Preview For Tonight

Another fresh episode of my show, Reality Obsessed tonight.

In this one, I determine whether blondes have an advantage on reality shows. Why is it that there is almost always a blonde person near the end of every major reality show?

The episode preview is:

Many reality shows cast blonde girls, specifically because they think they will be dumb airheads. The strange thing is that the blondes actually end up doing well. Does being blonde improve your reality TV chances? We take some of the most memorable blondes and pit them either against each other or against brunettes. At the end, Murtz could dye his hair blonde to see if it improves his star power or chances in reality TV.

My guest stars include:

– Amanda Narcise (Paris Hilton’s My New BFF)
– April Dowling (Big Brother)
– Eliza Orlins (Survivor Vanuatu, Survivor Micronesia
– Heather Chadwell (Rock of Love)
– Katie Gallagher (Survivor Palau)

It airs on TVTropolis in Canada at 7 PM.

Here’s an EXCLUSIVE clip!