30 Rock – Episode 4-14 Review

Because of the Olympics and Jim and Pam’s baby, it felt like forever since the last episode of 30 Rock. *Shakes fist in anger* So, was it worth the wait? Hellz yeah! “Future Husband” picks up where the last episode left off and pushes the story forward with a big scoop of funny.

Waking up from her drug induced trip to the dentist, Liz is left reconstructing the day which she’s blacked out. The biggest mystery:  Who is Future Husband listed on her iPone? Kenneth, full of optimism, encourages Liz to find out who he is. To prove his motto, “Everything always works out for the best,” Kenneth throws his wallet out the window. God bless Kenneth, he’s made out of ponies, rainbows, and a bit of Jeffery Dahmer. Liz plays along, and so begins Mission: Future Husband.

Pretending to be from the dentist’s office, Liz calls Future Husband and tells him to come in for an emergency checkup. Bobsled. She waits in the waiting room and calls the mystery number; the phone rings; she hangs up; he hits call return. Busted.  But his phone has her listed as Future Wife and they go out for coffee. Has fate and deception lead to love? Nope, not even close. Their conversation is awkward and they don’t get along.

Meanwhile, Jack and Avery’s relationship has hit a snag when she breaks news that NBC is going to be sold to Kablevision.  Avery warns him to distance himself from NBC head, Don Geiss, otherwise he will be out after the acquisition. Knowing Geiss, his mentor, would never sell the company, Jack gets to the bottom of the rumors. Sending Jonathan into the assistant underground, he digs up intel on were Geiss is. Turns out, Geiss has been dead for 3 weeks and the sale is happening.  Avery pulls through and reports the sale – spinning it that Jack is the top runner to take over the head of NBC.

Finally, Tracy is back on his quest for EGOT, staring in a one man show. Problem, Tracy’s show was all off the cuff and he needs 8 shows to qualify for a Tony.  With Jenna as acting coach, Tracy continues his show by reading the phonebook – like a master thespian.

And what about Kenneth’s wallet, you ask? It was found by Future Husband (Wesley). Fate has brought Liz and Wesley back together…For more uncomfortable dates.

It has been a while since we have seen Liz and the TGS crew and the momentum and comedy was where we last left it. It will be interesting to see if Jack takes over NBC and what that holds for him. Will Liz and Wesley work out? My money’s sure not on it but I’m happily along for the ride. Bobsled.