Weights for Pacquiao-Clottey: The Event


The weights are in for “The Event,” headlined by Manny Pacquiao’s defense of the WBO Welterweight Championship against Joshua Clottey.

Held in front of the colossal Cowboys Stadium, the weigh-in for “The Event” featured sportsmanlike conduct from all fighters, who all made weight. The crowd that showed up was a bit underwhelming compared to some of Pacquiao’s recent turnouts when he weighed in against Miguel Cotto and Ricky Hatton in Las Vegas. But each of those opponents brought impressive fan bases with them.

Robert Duvall was present and managed to get his hands on the WBC title for a moment. Jerry Jones referred to Bob Arum as “one of the most credible people I’ve ever worked with.” Wow, is the NFL really that bad? Hall of Fame safety and former Cowboy Darren Woodson was in attendance to kill some clock, but Michael Buffer cut him off because the fighters were ready.

Manny Pacquiao 145¾
Joshua Clottey 147

The entourage Pacquiao brought to stage just about outnumbered everyone on stage. Every fight, he seems to add five new people to his camp. Clottey offered to shake his hand, and they posed more like casual friends than opponents. Pacquiao never once looked Clottey in the eyes until time to stare down, at which point both broke out laughing from coming too close. Pacquiao gave the “shush” sign to the fans. When they stared down again, Pacquiao again broke into smiles and turned away.

Woodson interviewed Clottey, who said he was ready to show the world who he was. His trainer has not been able to make it to the fight due to VISA problems. Pacquiao said he wasn’t going to promise a knockout but would do his best. Manny also said he was focused on the fight in spite of all his other obligations. He is, however, already focusing on the after party, which he plugged.

Humberto Soto 134¼
David Diaz 134

Soto and Diaz will be fighting for the vacant WBC Lightweight Championship, the same belt Diaz lost to Pacquiao in 2008. They embraced after posing for the cameras.

Jose Luis Castillo 144
Alfonso Gomez 145

Gomez took a long time getting to the scales after Michael Buffer introduced him, and Castillo volunteered to go first. Despite failing to make weight for two of the biggest fights of the decade against Diego Corrales, Castillo looked calm and relaxed. Then again, that was two weight divisions ago at 135 pounds. Antonio Margarito and Jorge Arce both accompanied Castillo to the scale as he made weight for the welterweight bout.

Speaking of Margarito, Buffer asked for a round of applause for the two-time welterweight titlist, but the response was minimal. There were a few boos, followed by a “cheater” chant from at least one in attendance. What exactly were you expecting, Mr. Arum?

John Duddy 160
Michael Medina 155½

Duddy gentlemanly offered to shake hands after their stare down. Medina sported an awesome Marvel comics shirt.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow night at 8 pm EST for live coverage of all of the fights from Cowboys Stadium.