30 Teams in 30 Days: Kansas City Royals Top 10 Prospects


1. Eric Hosmer, 1B – His bat is good, but there are questions. He had Lasik, so we’ll see if that was the problem. He should be able to hit for average and power, if he’s healthy. At this point, it’s a big if.

2. Mike Moustakas, 3B – Moustakas and Hosmer are neck and neck. Hosmer is a better hitter, but Moustakas has the better glove and position. He’ll start the year at Double A and finish at Triple A. Look for him to push Alex Gordon in 2011.

3. Mike Montgomery, P – Montgomery get’s a good amount of groundballs, which makes him a very effective pitcher. He’s got a good change up and an improved curve. He also can throw hard, with control. Look for him to start the year in Double A.

4. Aaron Crow, P – Crow is a player that can fly through the minors. He’s got the potential to be a 2-3 starter. I could see him with the Royals by the end of the year.

5. Tim Melville, P – He was a 4th round steal in the 2008 draft; he was a first round talent from the same state that dropped over signability. He still young and needs to work on command, but he could easily be a top of the rotation starter. He’s got 2 very good pitches (fastball and curve) with a 3rd that’s coming along (change up). He’ll probably be in Hi A for the beginning of the year.

6. Danny Duffy, P – Duffy is another solid arm, but doesn’t project as well as Montgomery, Crow, and Melville. He’s got 3 good pitches with iffy control. He’s looking like he’s back of the rotation at this point. He’ll probably see most of his time in Triple A.

7. Wil Myers, C – Myers has the bat for the majors, but it probably won’t be as a catcher. He’s athletic enough to play any position though. He’s raw with the bat too, but I expect him to really break out this year.

8. Noel Arguelles, P – Many scouts said that Arguelles would have been a first round talent in the draft, if he would have been draft eligible. Instead, the Royals got the pitcher for a decent signing bonus. He’s got the potential to be a front line starter, but it’s hard to judge at this point without him facing any competition yet.

9. Carlos Rosa, P – Rosa is a reliever who’s ready to the KC bullpen. He’s got amazing arm strength, but needs to work on his control. I expect him to spend the whole season with the Royals.

10. Jordan Parraz, OF – Parraz is a toolsy outfield prospect with plenty of questions. First, he’s got that injury tag. He’s also old for the level’s he’s played at (he’ll be 26 by the end of the season). This could be the make or break year for him.

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