American Idol News: Lilly Scott Blames "Tweens" For Her Idol Dismissal

In a recent interview, American Idol contestant blamed the younger fans of the show for her premature departure.

“I just wanted to break the mold and be that off-beat contestant that did exactly what I wanted to do … I have no regrets in that department. But watching certain people make it into the top 12 that have not done so well these past three weeks and facing the judges’ comments on my songs these past three weeks, I was just frustrated,” Scott said. “My fanbase wasn’t really there, even though the producers and the judges seemed to love me. I guess my fans weren’t there which is why I said ‘I don’t know what America wants to listen to.’ But having said that, my voting demographic is probably people who don’t even own a TV and if they do, they’re probably out doing something more productive than watching TV, let alone American Idol! I guess they just weren’t voting.”

Scott admitted that the audience probably didn’t understand why she picked a Patsy Cline song which ended up being a fatal choice.

“I love Pasty Cline, but then again the American Idol voting demographic is probably tweens, like 11- and 12-year-old girls, and I’m sure they don’t know who Patsy Cline is and that probably affected me.”