SXSW Film '10 — Like a Pascha

Pascha is the biggest brothel in Europe. Eleven-stories tall and located smack-dab in the middle of Cologne, Germany, the hotel-like infrastructure houses nearly 200 of the word’s hardest-working prostitutes who service a steady stream of customers from around the world.

Like a Pascha follows filmmaker Svante Tidholm as he explores the inner-workings of the brothel and everything that goes into making it run smoothly — from the way each floor of the hotel caters to a different cliental (with their own very special fetish) to the factory-like machinations that keep the brothel’s prostitutes happy and working (such as massive laundry machines to keep the beds’ sheets clean and a 24-hour kitchen and diner that keeps the prostitutes well-fed).

Tidholm, not afraid to push buttons, goes into the project with a clear message in mind. He openly questions everybody from the prostitutes to managers to even the company’s CEO about why their business is needed and the moral implications that come from operating a brothel on such a massive scale.

Besides talking to the faces behind the business, the film also (briefly) talks to the faces that are shoving themselves into the breasts, hair-pies and any other arena of pleasure that is available to rent at Pascha. Customers explain why they go to a brothel and get their jollies — and the answers may surprise you.

The highlight of the movie, though, is the introspective prostitute that Tidholm follows around throughout the film. Her thoughts on prostitution — and how it may actually do some real good for the world — is fascinating stuff.

Like a Pascha is a clear contender for “Must See” at SXSW this year.

For those that need it, I’ll provide a warning that the movie, being about sex, does not shy away from nudity and acts of lust. For those who can watch a film about sex without loosing control and erupting into a Tasmanian Devil of rape, though, the film deserves to find its way onto your schedule — and them some.

Category: SX Global
Director: Svante Tidholm
Showtimes: Tuesday, March 16 at 12 PM at The Hideout and Thursday, March 18 at 8:30 PM at Alamo Lamar

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