Brothers & Sisters – Episode 4-17 Review

A sweet sibling moment at the end marked another recent Brothers & Sisters episode, this one called “,” that put a smile on my face. Yet, thanks to the show’s irritating refusal to spill whatever secret Nora has, that smile could barely mask my growing frustration. Please, for the love of all that is good in the TV world, just tell us the big, bad secret already!

For the past few episodes, Holly and Saul have been trying to figure out what Dennis York knows about Ojai that they don’t. And Nora has been trying to keep that information a secret. She’s overcome with worry, to the point that she snaps at Holly, who is in the dark and has no idea why Nora should be angry. At first I thought it was going to turn into yet another Nora-Holly feud, but thankfully Nora apologizes right away and the potential explosion is avoided. However, one good scene to come of this is when she meets with Dennis York, and is so cold to him that even I could feel the chill.

However, the issue itself is building. She even flies up to see Tommy so she can ask him to convince Sarah to sell her Ojai shares. Given the extremes Nora is going to, and her obvious fear of Dennis, this better be some major secret. And I have a feeling she’ll be forced to spill when she comes home from Seattle to find her children demanding to know where she went.

Unless she covers her actions with a good lie that satisfies them for the moment. In which case, I will scream with frustration. How can any Walker possibly keep this big a secret longer than a few episodes, especially when both Sarah, and now Rebecca, have their suspicions?

Another highlight of the episode is Kevin, who is hilarious through the whole hour, though the first scene with Scotty is particularly funny. The line “planning a political campaign…bite your tongue you stupid test” had me laughing out loud. However, him smashing the two phones together so that Sarah and Kitty could talk was absolutely priceless. In a way, through this, I felt that the show might have been acknowledging their over-use of sibling conference calls. That said, I do hope they give Kevin a plot as soon as possible, so he’s not bouncing around without a career for too long. But since they didn’t go overboard with the expected “Kevin’s bored and doesn’t know what to do” angle, I’m willing to let it slide for another couple of episodes.

Meanwhile, Kitty’s political critics rip Luc to shreds so much that the “reporters” featured in the episode made me momentarily ashamed to be a journalism graduate. It actually pained me that the tabloids wouldn’t leave Sarah and Luc alone, who definitely deserve to be happy after everything they’ve been through. And the lies that spread about the couple made me even more angry. But both sisters’ use of the term “douchebag” in the same episode almost makes up for it. I was cheering when Sarah confronted those reporters in front of her house – the scene was great and I have a feeling I’ll watch the episode again just for that. Well, that, and the speech Kitty gives at the end that resolves the issue once and for all.

Despite Sarah taking out the paparazzi, as I think I about the episode, I realize how tame it actually was. Justin and Rebecca barely had a story line, the Dennis York problem continued but didn’t create any major new developments, and the political story was wrapped up by the end.

Instincts are telling me that this is merely the calm before another storm. Hurricane Dennis will undoubtedly hit the siblings in the near future.