Grey's Anatomy Episode 6-17 – Review

Apologies for the late entry, I had a busy weekend. Got a new writing job, new apartment, and some other stuff. Thank you, on to the episode.

First of all, the main point of the ep is Richard and Hunt battling for a supposedly inoperable case. Derek asks each of them to submit a proposal on how best to cut into the woman. Cristina jumps to be on Webber’s case so she can play spy for Owen, but Webber knows this and bribes her over to the dark side by offering her the juicy parts of the surgery if she can keep her trap shut. The boys bicker but in light of the patient’s regulatory Brave Speech in the Face of Death, agree to compromise. Chief McDreamy whimpers that he isn’t that great at this job, not yet anyway.

And Arizona’s patient is a kid with a burst cyst because his mother hugged him too hard. Srsly. This kid has the most annoying of the overprotective moms we’ve seen yet on the show. “He’s is hospital because I love him too much!” Ugh. Let’s move on.

Callie doesn’t get a patient, so instead she turns into Dr Phil for a while as the doctors flock to her for advice on their messed-up love lives. First in line is Mark, who thinks he’s ready to settle down and actually start dating women instead of finding out the brand of their underwear before he knows their name. Callie decides that Teddy would be the perfect woman for Mark, seeing as she’s female, she’s single, he knows her name and as a bonus, she’s slightly vulnerable. This isn’t said, but I can’t see any other way that Teddy could be perfect for Mark. He asks her out anyway, with most unfortunate timing, as their last conversation 20 seconds previously had included him recommending she get a boob job. For some reason she turns him down, only to bump into Arizona, gliding along on her sweet little sneaker-skates. Ari thinks going out with Mark is a good idea, however, as he is man candy: “You eat him and forget about him”. So Teddy goes back and accepts, only to take it back again when she discovers, stunned, that he wants to go out for dinner and talking. It’s one of those I’m not that type of girl! situations, in reverse. Hunt sees the exchange and ironically warns Mark that Teddy is not a one-night-stand type, only for Mark to set him straight on who had the slutty intentions. He walks away and we see that Meredith was watching the whole thing.

(Brief sidetrack: is it me, or does Meredith always appear in the same fashion now? Someone steps aside to reveal her looking up from her perpetual stack of files, smiling knowingly to indicate that she’s eavesdropped on said someone’s illicit conversation, before launching into some kind of a smug lecture. Either that or she just sort of bobs about at Derek’s elbow. I get that there’s not much for her to do at the moment, what with the cast now comprising about 85 people and Ellen Pompeo having a new baby and all, but surely she could have some comedic little side-plots or something? Consider it, writers. Back to the track.)

Callie’s next seeker of dating advice is Bailey, who is anticipating date number three with the Hot Gas Man who is now called Ben, and she is nervous as she believes date number three is the sex date. I’d’ve thought that would no longer be such a big deal for someone presumably in their mid-thirties, but then as far as we know she hasn’t gotten laid since Tucker was conceived. She proceeds to get all flustered and awkward about stuff like condoms, which is a bit annoying. Like Callie’s stage fright a few weeks back, this just doesn’t seem in character for Bailey. Callie sends her off to the beauty parlour at lunchtime to “trim the surgical field”, but Bailey instead heads off on a girl-power rant about women having bushes and it being natural. Which I sort of agree with, but then I wonder is it unfeminist of me, say, to shave my legs? Is it really unfeminist at all, since it’s really more for my own comfort than the guy’s? But I’m off the point again; the point is that Bailey’s totally not ready to seal the deal, as she tells Ben as he cooks her an amazing meal in his amazing apartment because he is amazing; in fact, she’s only ever had sex with her ex-husband. Ben tells her he doesn’t intend to make any moves yet, and kisses her. Wow. He is uber-amazing. I kind of hope they do end up in bed together, though, since it isn’t specified. Bailey shouldn’t be the only doctor in Seattle ‘Boink Me After Rounds’ Grace who isn’t getting any.

To wrap up: Teddy watches in awe as Mark works his magic on her patient (a young man requiring silicone enhancments to keep his wandering heart in place, quite literally), and decides what the hey, she’ll go out with him anyway, which causes Lexie to break down. Meredith tells Owen she detected jealousy in his defence of Teddy, and threatens to end him if he breaks Cristina’s heart, which isn’t scary at all but said in Mer’s sweetly crackling voice is still a bit creepy.

And, sob time: Callie is bragging about her romantical know-all to her girlfriend, pointing out that this means they’re the successful couple everybody wants to be, and they have a great future with a house and a picket fence and some babiez. No, Callie! Don’t say that! Too late. Arizona shudders at the mention of the babiez, as today’s case has shown her how she isn’t cut out to be a mommy. I guess if any kid is in danger of being literally smothered with too much love and playfulness, it would be Arizona’s. Callie gets her shock face on as she realizes that this is the awful ‘we want different things’ part of the relationship. It closes there, but as we all know, how do Grey’s Anatomy’s couples deal with relationship problems? Yup, you got it.

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.