IPTV Monday: Inside The Bachelor: The Stories Behind the Rose, 24, Gossip Girl Previews

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What to read on IPTV Today
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What to watch tonight?
What should be on your nighttime TV radar – for good OR bad reasons.

Inside The Bachelor: The Stories Behind the Rose – A Special Edition of 20/20 (ABC) 8 p.m.
From casting sessions, to never-before-seen audition tapes, “Inside the Bachelor: The Stories Behind the Rose” will include exclusive interviews with former Bachelors and Bachelorettes, as well as former contestants, including: Dr. Travis Stork, Ryan and Trista Sutter, Andrew Firestone; Meredith Phillips, Charlie O’Connell and many other fan favorites.

Just when you thought we had seen the last of The Bachelor.

Gossip Girl (The CW) 8 p.m.
Rufus and Lily grow suspect of Jenny’s relationship with Damien; Chuck learns more about the woman who may or may not be his mother; Dan and Vanessa struggle through the awkwardness of dating other people.

After a hot return last week, the Gossip Girl goodness continues. This Chuck/mother storyline is really weak.

24 (FOX) 9 p.m.
A nail-biting hostage situation and stressful circumstances at CTU have emotions escalating .

Enjoy it while you can as the show appears to be cancelled after this season.

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