Survivor – Episode 20-5 Review

Author’s Note: Comment with your favorite and least favorite castaways this season and why. I’d like to see who your favorites are too!

What is going on in this game?!?!

I’m so confused. In the five immunity challenges so far, the Heroes have lost four of them. Sure, tribes have lost a lot of immunities in past seasons, but not a tribe as strong as the Heroes. Look at their men. Colby. Tom. JT. Rupert. JAMES. Arguably five of the toughest Survivor guys ever. Look at their remaining women. Candice. Amanda. Again, arguably two of Survivor‘s strongest women ever. How are they losing?

Two words. Boston Rob.

Without Rob, the Villains would be a dying breed. He has come through for them again and again and again. Thursday’s immunity challenge was just another example.

But first, the reward challenge as rough. It was rough in Samoa and it was rough in Heroes vs. Villains. Jeff Probst said that the challenge was retired because it was just too physical, which is a good decision in my opinion. I’m all for a good physical challenge because they always make for great tv, but having the castaways full-on tackle each other with no protection or padding in the ground like mud or water… it’s not going to end well. Unfortunately for James, he injured his leg and was almost evacuated during the challenge, all for the grand prize of a chocolate feast. A high price to pay for some chocolate that the Heroes didn’t even win anyways.

The most surprising thing to me about James’ almost evacuation was Amanda’s reaction. Sure, she’s lived with him for three seasons now and has grown close to the guy, but she was literally bawling at the thought of him being evacuated and ran baywatch-style to him when she saw him return to the beach.

At the chocolate reward was my favorite part of the episode – Parvati completely owning Russell. Sure, Russell now has found the hidden immunity idol. Sure, no one knows how he played in Samoa so he can completely copy his strategy that didn’t work. If I was Parvati, I would probably allign with him too. But their conversation was hilarious.

Russell: “Just grab on to my coattails”

Parvati: “I don’t ride coattails baby”

Russell, you might do well this game. You might even get to the end. But Parvati’s not going to ride your coattails. The leader of the strongest women’s alliance in Survivor history during Fans vs. Favorites is NOT going to be your puppy dog. It’s just not happy. Stop being delusional and start playing the game.

At the villains camp, something for the past four episodes has greatly saddened me. WHERE IS COURTNEY AND DANIELLE?!?!?! They are hilarious contestants in their own way and deserve some confessionals or something from the editors, but they’ve been snubbed since the season┬ápremiere. Hopefully this means they’ll both last a while, but who knows.

At the immunity challenge, Villains win again. So the Heroes go to tribal council once again. James’ leg is hurt. James is pretty much useless. Easy vote right?

Well if you’re the delusional Heroes tribe that has continually kept weak players over strong ones because of their alliances, not an easy decision at all. James should have went home. He can barely walk, so how is he going to be any help to their tribe? This tribal pretty much reinforced the trainwreck that the Heroes tribe has become. Unfortunately for Tom, he was the victim of the tribe’s idiocy and was voted out in a 5-2 vote.

Survivor returns in two weeks because of the NCAA March Madness tournament, so fans have a week off to speculate what will happen next episode. Still, if the Heroes lose again I don’t see Colby lasting too much longer. Being best friends with Tom is going to hurt him.