Chuck Episode 3-09, "Check Versus the Tic Tac"

So this episode is something of an origin episode, as we learn more about Casey than we ever have – and probably more than we truly need to.

The essence of the story is that Casey was originally an ordinary soldier who got recruited into a Black Ops unit by Colonel Keller (played by Robert Patrick, as a cross between his Colonel Ryan character from The Unit and every military bad guy he’s ever played). He had to assume a different identity, and leave his pregnant fianceé behind.

Naturally all this comes back to haunt him as Keller is now a Ring operative, and he calls in a favour – presumably, he did Casey a solid at some point or other. Gah, I said “solid”. Damn you, Bendis.

Um, anyway, the task is for Casey to steal a pill from the 15th level of a CIA secure facility, which he does during the Team’s mission to test the facility’s security system. I’m sure there’s a joke there (Get Smart maybe?), but I don’t know where it’s from. Yes, a pill. A SPECIAL pill that will allow the taker to have no emotions while under its influence. Basically, they’ll act like Casey.

Long story short, Casey is arrested for treason and is locked on Level 15 of the secure CIA facility, which leads to some “hilarity” when Chuck and Sarah try to bust him out – and Russo Booking (ask the wrestling guys) when Keller beats them to the punch. This eventually leads to a doublecross and Chuck using the pill to reach his full potential. And, of course, Sarah in a wife beater.

However, it’s not a happy ending as the General drops by to discharge Casey and the Team is broken up (again) for at least the first 5 minutes of next week.

This was another enjoyable episode, probably enhanced by the absence of Shaw, and not focusing too much on the Ellie/Awsome subplot. I think Brandon Routh has managed to redeem himself after helping to kill the Superman franchise (again), but the problem is that noone really thinks that Shaw and Sarah is a permanent coupling, and he’s really just getting in the way of the inevitable. I’m not saying that pairing up Chuck and Sarah will be perfect (Jim and Pam proved that sometimes it doesn’t work) but the writers have teased us long enough and it’s time to try.

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