Comic Capsule Reviews 03-10-2010

Secret Six #19 (Simone w/ Calafiore/DC Comics/$2.99): I have to say my enjoyment is somewhat diminished without Nicola Scott on art chores. But I can’t complain as she has had some time on one of the characters she was born to draw. Wonder Woman. Still the issue is damn good. Simone continues to surprise with these characters and themes she writes so well. The Six are sent on a vengeance mission against a Brother Blood cult (awesome!) and Black Alice is used as bait. And who comes to the rescue? Ragdoll. We see yet another side of this deviant creature as we see he actually cares for Alice and defies orders from Bane. What can you do it’s love right? I am certain this will not end well. Its the Secret Six. They get no joy. It’s a well written issue with an ending I didn’t see coming. As I said this team gets no joy. I have stated in the past my dislike of Calafiore’s art. But I must admit it’s growing on me. He has a unique style and manages to work with Simone’s writing of these characters. Doing great expression and good work on the action. Not to mention some nicely designed pages, like the cliffhanger splash. What will Catman do?

8 out of 10

Last Stand of New Krypton #1 (Robinson, Gates and Woods/DC Comics/$3.99): Brainiac’s assault of New Krypton begins. I think the build up to this has been considerable. I am glad we have finally gotten. Certainly World of New Krypton was a solid storyline, we got to explore some of Kryptonian culture and got a nice look at the intrigue involved as humans and Kryptonians have conspired together in a Machiavellian scheme of epic proportions. At least we know where we stand with Gen. Lane. Not so much with Gen. Zod. Who is the hero of the Kryptonians, a leader of men, and calculating cold S O B. Well Brainiac unleashes his drones on New Krypton and the battle is joined. Unlike the last time Kryptonians aren’t powerless. Now they can defend themselves like on 100,000 Supermen can. You get some great moments by Gates and Robinson, and certainly a twist as Zod arrests the Legion of Superheroes who have come to help. And a great ending. Which doesn’t bold well for Supes. Brainiac and Luthor? And Zod. Kal will have his hands full. The art is amazing. Woods is a terrific storyteller, who has evolved his clean style again withe even thicker lines and more solid blacks. It suits the story well. He handles the battle aspects very well and the action. And his “this is a job for Superman” page is amazing. Woods is really a talent. And with him on art chores almost guarantees this book will rock. Too bad he isn’t doing the covers. 🙁

8 out of 10

Batman and Robin #10 (Morrison with Clarke/DC Comics/$2.99): Batman isn’t dead and has been leaving clues throughout time and in his lineage for the new Dynamic Duo to find him? Only Morrison can make this absurd story worthy of reading. You can see him reaching into Batman’s publishing past like he has done previously and weaving crazy bat-s#!% absurd story elements into the Bat-mythos. And making a mystery out of it. Its a fun read that isn’t mess of wacky ideas. You can see the deliberate narrative and movement of the characters. This is the best Batman has been to me. Absurd, a bit weird but fun and mysterious. With great action and adventure too. It was great to see Talia back trying to take her son back too. The “return of Bruce Wayne” should be a very interesting to story indeed. But to tell the truth. I wouldn’t be made if Dick and Damien remained instead of Bruce back in the cowl and cape. Andy Clarke’s art isn’t quite as good to me as Quitely and Stewart, but definitely delivered a well rendered and laid out easy to read story. I am glad there was a deliberate artist like this on this story, it made it easier to follow and keep up with all the info Morrison was providing. I can’t imagine reading this if it was rendered by Tan. I might not have picked it up.

8.5 out of 10

Amazing Spider-man #674 (Waid with Azaceta/Marvel Comics/$2.99): The new Vulture is just a horrible character. So any story with him in it diminishes my enjoyment completely. He is just a mess of contradictions, and has yet to written in an interesting way. He seems like a NEW Vulture for the sake of having a new Vulture…much like the uninspired new Rhino. Bad bad bad. You don’t create characters to replace existing characters just to have more ruthless more powerful characters. Write better stories. Vulture has a mad on for Jonah who he believes made him the monstrosity he is and Spidey saves the day. And then tries to make Jonah the hero by photoshopping him doing a Sunday Comics style Tin-Tin kick to Vulture. Well that backfires and Peter is fired for doing such a horrible poorly thought out thing. You know Journalists. They have integrity. Which has actually caused a stir online. Like people can’t believe Peter Parker could ever make a poor choice that ruins his life? That NEEEEEEVER happens. I am kind of getting bored with the art. My friend Pete calls it strippish. Yeah. But it’s good and usually I don’t mind. But I think the Spidey books have been doing it for like 12 issues now. Time to bring the dynamism and super back to this book.

3 out of 10

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers; UNLEASHED #1 (Eliopoulos and IG Guara/Marvel Comics/$2.99): I really love this series. It’s a well done fun idea executed to the highest standards. Basically the universe is in trouble and only a bunch of super powered animals plus Ms. Lion can save us all. This time Thor-Frog is missing and the Pet Avengers converge on Central Park to find him. Only to be ported to some frozen tundra where Thor-Frog falls from the sky and the group is besieged by a giant hand attached to a hairy arm!! (I am gonna guess it’s Xemnu the Titan. The character is just odd and wacky enough to work in this comic.). Chris Eliopoulos writing is fun and fresh. I laugh out loud when I read this comic. The art is absolutely gorgeous. Guara renders the animals….well…like animals and not cartoonish Saturday morning cartoons. Which actually adds to the comedy. The expressions and poses are great. The guy can draw! This comic is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it.

8 out of 10

Great news that Pete Woods will be regular art on Action Comics. This guy is one of my Top 5 artists right now and really amazing. He does a great Superman. But my advice to DC is to get him on JLA.

Saw the Finch cover to Batman #700. I have to admit. It’s gorgeous. He isn’t one of my favorite artists. But there is no denying that cover is amazing. Nice detail and a real great interpretation of an iconic pose.

I was supposed to go to MegaCon and got sideswiped by responsibilities. So missed out on meeting with friends and embracing my geekdom among my brothers and sisters at the con. Maybe next year.

I heard the parking was crazy. 😉

Until next time. Go buy some comics.