Desperate Housewives – Episode 6-17 Review

Hey there once again (and sorry for the late review)! Desperate Housewives has reached its season’s final chapter, and some shockers are proof of it.

Spoiler-free zone:

The episode told us more about the mystery, but also kept some storylines going. Unlike most episodes, this episode isn’t only limited in Fairview since two of the housewives head to New York. It’s quite a fast paced episode and it prepares the arrival of a new character…An evil character!

Spoiler zone:

Angie’s storyline this week was integrated with Gaby’s, as they both head to New York to find Danny and Ana. After a few shots of the two housewives outside the lane and a few cameos of models that hate Gaby, they finally find out that Danny is with Ana and are staying with Angie’s mother. When Angie visits her they reveal to us, that a guy named Patrick Logan is hunting them down. After a while, Gaby and Angie find Ana and Danny and it seems that Angie somehow convinced her lonely mother to tell Danny to go back to Fairview. Meanwhile, Gaby tells Ana that she might have future in modelling and that she should give it a try for a few years. Back at the plane to Fairview, Gaby decides to confront Angie telling her she knows she has a secret. Angie (probably out of despair, and hating to keep things bottled up) tells Gaby that apparently a relationship she had with an ex lead to her being involved with someone getting killed. She later says that the ex was Danny’s real father. Unfortunately, the Bolens aren’t safe anymore since someone back in New York spotted them and called that Logan guy to tell him that they were going to Fairview. I wana see that Logan guy! I’ve heard that he will influence the life of every housewife and that makes me excited!

As far as Katherine is concerned, she is now dealing with the fact that she slept with a woman. After Susan spotted her kissing Robin, Katherine goes to the gay neighbours to ask for some guidance. They tell her that she probably isn’t a lesbian. A talk with Robin later on, seems to change her mind again. What I like about that storyline is that the comedy and drama are not overpowering one another.

Susan’s storyline was quite simple this week probably because the other storylines had some big stuff going on. It looks like Mike had some masculinity problems after Susan paid a loan of his. There were some funny moments and overall it was a nice background storyline to have.

The big twist in tonight’s episode was in Bree’s storyline. Apparently her new worker was promoted to vice-president along with Andrew, and Andrew wasn’t very happy about that. After Andrew got drunk and made a scene in front of Bree’s workers, Bree went over at Sam’s house to apologise. And then it happened… Bree finds a picture of a young boy with her, now dead husband, Rex. When she asked for an explanation, Sam told her that Rex was his father. It turns out Rex got a little too close with a girl before he met Bree and thus Sam was born. In the end, (with a little convincing from Orson) Bree spoke to Sam and began to understand what he was going through. I’m looking forward to see how Andrew deals with that.

Lynette’s son Preston has returned from Europe with a new girl from Russia. Lynette, being the realistic mother that she is, sees that Preston’s girl is way out of his league. When Preston decides to marry her, Lynette is not too happy, especially since she will have to give away her grandmothers ring.  She decides to prove that the girlfriend isn’t dating Preston for who he is and buys a fake copy of the ring and presents it as the real one. Turns out though, that Preston’s girl figured out Lynette’s plan and gave the ring back saying that she didn’t want it due to the sentimental value it had. Lynette though couldn’t say anything since it would expose her as a bad mother. I think that was a fun little storyline that can create some interesting friction to the Scavo family…

To sum up, the episode provided twists and turns, and few good one-liners such as Lynette saying that she has more kids, to replace the ones that hate her. The final part of season 6 has arrived and it sure looks promising.

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