Inside Pulse TV Exclusive: Wizards of Waverly Place Trivia

 After a strange and fortunate set of circumstances, I got to go with my friends to an exclusive taping of Wizards of Waverly Place. Rather than bore you with squealing over meeting David Henrie, who leaned into me to get a picture with me and my friend, I’m going to be professional about it. While show creator Todd J. Greenwald gave us a tour of set and backstage, he dropped a few trivia tidbits along the way. (Did I mention how awesome he is? No? Well he is, and you can follow him on Twitter @ToddJGreenwald). So I’ve decided to compile those tidbits and other observations in this here list.

  • There is most likely going to be a full fourth season, though it hasn’t been confirmed yet. They’re also hoping for a second movie.
  • The season 3 finale has already been filmed, and it’s going to be epic! But that’s all I’m allowed to say about it!
  • You know that lamp that always breaks? They have those made, and one is only on set when it’s going to be broken.
  • Notice the bookshelf in front of the loft stairs. That’s there so it’s easier for the cast to pretend to go down the stairs, since they actually stop at the set floor.
  • How does the freezer storage change into the lair, you ask? A revolving set front!
  • All of the sets are actually connected. You can walk from Waverly Place, into the Sub Station, into the kitchen, through the freezer door, and into the lair.
  • There’s a city backdrop in front of the terrace set.
  • There are signs from the show all over the place. These include various signs from Wiztech, a Tears of Blood poster (one of Justin’s favorite bands), and some from the “Crazy Ten Minute Sale” in the pilot episode.
  • Audience manager Betty Fleming painted some of the Alex portraits in the “Alex Charms a Boy” episode. She’s also the inspiration for the name of the place Alex and Dean go on their dream date, “Betty’s Flemings.”
  • Gregg Sulkin, who played Alex’s werewolf boyfriend Mason, is a great guy, and talked to us for a while! Can’t say whether he was there to tape the show or just stopping by.
  • Along with Wizards, Sonny with a Chance and Suite Life on Deck are also filmed in Hollywood Center Studios. Todd tried to take us on the set of Suite Life on Deck but unfortunately we weren’t allowed.
  • There is a separate work space for the writers and other employees, which includes a TV showing what’s happening on set.
  • Two scenes in the season one episode “Movies” were shot backstage. The hallway where Justin falls running from the movie’s villain is naturally dark and scary. Another room was converted into the sorority house.
  • Of course, I have to mention how incredibly nice everyone was, and how willing they were to take pictures with us. Side note – David Henrie is hilarious between takes! Watch out for the episode he wrote, “Alex’s Logo.”

Hope this list provided some interesting information!