Kevin Nash News: Watches WWE Raw over TNA, Steve Austin, Goes Crazy

Last night was week 2 of the 2010 Monday Night Wars. However, TNA superstar Kevin Nash was actually watching Raw! Throughout the night he described his friendship with Stone Cold Steve Austin and then progressively got more and more crazy and upset on the twitter

First he said:
just talked to Austin on the phone said the show tonight is the shits and not even he can save it. kidding did laugh our ass’s off earlier

Then talked about Bret:
is it just me or did bret just throw up a klique/ wolfpac sign? looks like klique might have to hit the ring at wrestlemania… think the world of Bret never had a bad match with him

on watching WWE but somehow counting his ratings for TNA:
i watched my tna show live last tuesday when it was taped. every segment. steve austin is 1 of my best friends. i watched to see my buddy… was sitting at a bar with my wife and raw was on. my tv was set to tna. ratings from my house went to tna. do the math.

Then apparently he got some responses he didn’t like and went a little loco:
1 more time..I watched tonight’s show that tna produced last tuesday LIVE. i talked to 1 of my best friends 2day and he asked me to watch him. Steve and I go back 20 years. Always friends before business. That’s the way I roll. You can fire me, cant stop who I’m friends with.

Then some guy made him super mad!!!
911ohshit, freedom of speech. it’s a mother fucker isn’t it? you want to follow me, you bitch mark? you’ve been blocked. check mate, BITCH

Wow what a night of crazy hilarity.

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