90210 – Episode 2-14 Review

This week I was reminded of why I love this silly show in the first place.  It was the most refreshing episode we’ve had this season.  It was funny, silly at times, sexy, and just downright good!

This week we found Naomi trying her hardest to make her relationship with Liam work.  She even asked Ivy for help but Ivy really spent her time trying to make Naomi look bad when the trio went for a hike.  Naomi declared war and showed up at the Surf team practice with sandwiches and a bikini.  And in true teen drama fashion there was a rolling girl fight on the beach because that’s how they roll Bev Hills.

After the girl fight Naomi had enough and finally confronted Liam about their relationship problems, which led to Naomi ranting about hating boats and hiking and everything Liam likes to do.  Luckily for her Liam fell for the girl who was opinionated and knew what she wanted.  They reconciled on a massage table in the Beach Club.

Annie had some major drama with Jasper she finally had enough of his manipulating and blackmail.  It was nice to see her stand up for herself and she even considered telling the truth about her hit and run.  Jasper let her know she didn’t have to and that because he loved her he was going to let her go, hoping she’ll come back to him.  Annie even ended the episode hanging out with her girl friends for the first time since last season but Jasper was definitely stalking Annie in the distance.  I’m not sure what this creepers game plan is but I’m eager to see how it unfolds and I’m also looking forward to see what happens to Annie’s confession letter that auto-saved to her computer. You gotta love technology!

Guest star Rumer Willis was back as the adorable Gia who is totally crushing on Adrianna.  I honestly love this pairing more than anything else on the show right mostly because it feels so natural.  I totally buy Rumer as the cute quirky newsgirl Gia and the way she and Adrianna click makes the possibility of relationship actually seem possible.

We also finally caught up with West Bev teacher Ryan Matthews who has taken to the bottle to get over sociopath Jen.  Drinking led Mr. Matthews right into the arms of the crazy cool Laurel who happens to be Ivy’s mom.  Since Ivy has been added as a series regular I think we might actually get to see more of Laurel which could be cool, she’s definitely got some good stories to tell. Like whose better in bed: Mick Jagger or Keith Richards?  It also doesn’t hurt that she hooked up with the hottest teacher in a car.

Some episode twists involved Silver finally getting together with Teddy after denying her feelings for him for so long.  I hope this relationship isn’t doomed for disaster after all Teddy has not been cast as a series regular and as much as he has grown on me I can’t help but shake some bad vibes I get from the character.  I’m afraid he might know more about the hit and run than we think.  The biggest surprise though came at the very end when Dixon’s birth mom showed up at his door.  What’s she doing back and is she finally better? We’ll find out next week, see you next 90Tues10!