England's Favourite Premier league 3/17/10 – Irish I Knew How Stevie G Does It

How does Steven G do it?

While a faux v sign (or the number two to many, possibly five if we want to Romanticize it) may have gotten him in something resembling hot water, his blatant elbow into the back of Pompey skipper Michael Brown going unpunished is quite another thing altogether. How it is that referee Stuart Attwell missed an incident maybe 10 feet away from his is quite bemusing and in the long run quite wrong.

While F.A. policy is to go with the referee, every once and a while, they need to make the odd exception every once and a while if they truly intend to stamp out this kind of behavior. Say that was Michael Ballack and not Michael Brown. Do you honestly expect Ballack to sit there and take that or would the odds be far better that the German would be trying to take a pound of flesh off of he Liverpool skipper? It’s the kind of action that needs to be reprimanded to better the game, rather than turn a blind eye to it and let something like this fester between two players, where, in the future, there could be a far worse act of retribution in waiting.

Meanwhile, there is a Premier League outfit in dire need of a manager who is not closer in color to the creature in the emblem of his crest than to the chalk on the ground. Yes, after many months of wondering, waiting and anticipating, Phil Brown has finally been axed as manager of Hull City. We should know later today who will be the next man in charge of Hull City.

While this seems to be something that was inevitable, the timing of the change is so odd that one must wonder whether or not he has (or had) done something that forced the hand of the board. Considering the fight they put in against Arsenal only two days before, it would seem quite harsh that Brown, the favorite of media members the world over, would be so suddenly thrown out on the streets. Besides, will it really matter who is piloting the sinking Tigers? They’re 16 points from the magical 40 and considering the improving form of several other sides, they may already be in the doomed category of teams to fall out of the top flight.

What it does leave is Hull managerless in a crucial stretch of the campaign.

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