One Year in Knoxville – February 14, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. He was again joined by Dutch Mantell, who had Carl Styles close by. Caudle told us that we’d be seeing Hector Guerrero, the Koloffs, and Jimmy Golden. We’d also hear from Terry Gordy, and Ron Wright promised a surprise. Mantell added that the main event would see Rip Rogers take on Tim Horner following the events of last week.

We headed to the ring, where TJ Travis was set to face Hector Guerrero. Hector rolled around the ring and Travis quickly bailed out. Hector offered a handshake that Travis ignored. The two locked up and Travis got a headlock, then put Hector down with a back elbow. The two crisscrossed the ring and Hector put Travis down with a body slam, then followed with an uppercut.

Travis whipped Hector and reversed an arm drag. Travis knocked Hector over the top rope. Hector hung on and caught Travis with a head scissors that took him outside again.

Travis returned to the ring and the two traded waist locks before Hector scissored his legs around Travis’s head and rolled him into the corner. Travis grabbed Hector’s leg and took him down. Hector reversed and locked in a surfboard.

Hector offered another handshake that Travis ignored, then he took Travis down and locked in a body scissor. Hector lifted Travis with his legs and slammed him down. Travis raked Hector’s eyes and put him down with a back elbow for a two. Travis slugged away on Hector and put him down with a chop for another two. Travis snapmared him down and missed a knee drop.

Hector hit two diving head butts, then slammed Travis and came off the top with a cross body. Hector locked up Travis and rolled him around the ring for the win.

We then went to an interview with Danny Davis. He introduced himself by talking about the fact that while he might not be big, he was dangerous, much like a bottle of nitroglycerin.

We came back from commercial for Caudle to introduce an interview with the Fantastics. Jackie revealed that they were going to get a second chance at the Koloffs and Golden. Bobby promised that their partner was familiar and their opponents would meet him next week.

We returned to the ring to find Rocky Patterson, Reno Riggins, and Ben Jordan being run out of the ring by Jimmy Golden, Ivan Koloff, and Vladimir. Vladimir started off against Patterson. The two locked up and Vladimir backed Patterson into the ropes. A second lockup saw Patterson dodge a forearm and took Vladimir down. Vladimir got right back up and chopped Patterson down. Patterson hit an arm drag and slammed Vladimir, then took him down and locked in an armbar.

Patterson tagged in Riggins, who kept working on Vladimir’s arm. Vladimir sent Riggins into the corner and nailed a clothesline before tagging in Golden.

Golden slammed Riggins and stopped him with a punch. Golden slammed Riggins and pulled him up before tagging in Ivan. Ivan stomped Riggins and went down to a Riggins dropkick.

Jordan came in and started working Ivan’s arm. Jordan arm dragged Ivan down and tagged Patterson back in. Patterson dropped an elbow from the second rope and tagged in Riggins, who kept cranking Ivan’s arm.

Jordan came back and Ivan pulled his hair to escape. Golden tagged in and the two hit a double elbow, then Golden slammed Jordan and tagged in Vladimir. Another double clothesline put Jordan down for two. Vladimir clubbed away as Jordan tried to fight back. Vladimir hit a backbreaker that earned a two.

Golden tagged in and dropkicked Jordan, then tagged Ivan. Ivan hit a clothesline and covered for the win.

We then went to an interview with Caudle and the winners. Golden proclaimed his partners’ greatness and he told the Fantastics that it didn’t matter who their partner was. Golden told the Fantastics that they were waiting and we headed to commercial.

We came back and Caudle reminded us of Bob Armstrong’s ruling with Ron Wright. We went back to last week to see Bob ban Wright from the ring unless he was managing one of the competitors in the match. Wright rolled out in his wheelchair to plead his case. He asked how Armstrong could mistreat a poor crippled man like him. Armstrong interrupted him to remind Wright that he bore scars and a lump on his head that Wright had given him. Armstrong reiterated what he’d said and grabbed Wright’s wheelchair to push him to the back.

Wright joined Caudle and talked about how disgraceful Armstrong’s actions were from last week. Wright called himself the smartest man in wrestling and promised that he had someone under contract and we’d find out who shortly.

We headed to the ring to find Ricky Nelson waiting. Ron Wright rolled to ringside and gave a note to the announcer. The announcer revealed that Wright was the manager of the man coming out now – the Dirty White Boy.

Mantell and Caudle put over the Dirty White Boy as he went after Nelson in the ring and pitched him through the ropes. Nelson flipped over DWB, dodged a clothesline, and hit a cross body to put the Boy down.

The two locked up again as Mantell expressed gratitude that Wright had found the right man and would finally be able to have his surgery. DWB whipped Nelson and slammed him down. DWB hit an elbow and put Nelson down with a clothesline. DWB head butted Nelson as Wright cheered from ringside.

DWB and Nelson traded chops until DWB went after Nelson’s eye. Nelson tried to kick his way out of the corner and DWB didn’t stop. He hit a power slam on Nelson and covered for a two.

Nelson tried to fight back but DWB drove knees into Nelson’s head. DWB hit a suplex and pulled Nelson up. The Dirty White Boy hit a sidewalk slam and told Wright the move was for him. Nelson tried to punch back and DWB absorbed the punches. Nelson dropkicked the DWB down and DWB caught him in the midsection with a punch.

Nelson blocked a punch and DWB reversed a whip, then clotheslined Nelson from behind and covered for the three count.

After the match, the White Boy wheeled Ron Wright up to commentary for a word. Wright told Caudle that the Dirty White Boy was making his surgery possible. The Dirty White Boy proclaimed himself the original DWB and then he expressed his disappointment that none of the other Smoky Mountain wrestlers would help Mr. Wright. The Dirty White Boy then proclaimed that with Ron Wright by his side, there was no way he could be beaten.

We came back from commercial and Caudle introduced a statement from Bob Holly. We saw Holly flipping through the Enquirer and he said he wanted to clear up a few things. He did not break up Julia Roberts’s wedding. He and Julia were only good friends.

We headed to the ring to find Jerry Lynn waiting to face Killer Kyle. The two locked up and Lynn got a headlock. Lynn then tried to charge Kyle and bounced off. Lynn then slid through Kyle’s legs and went for a dropkick that Kyle dodged.

Kyle went to slam Lynn only for Lynn to escape and hit a cross body for a 1. Kyle slugged away on Lynn, then raked his eyes and caught Lynn coming in with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Kyle hit a sidewalk slam and pulled Lynn up. Lynn fought back and Kyle hit a kick to Lynn’s gut before sending him into the corner. Kyle whipped Lynn across the ring and Lynn dodged a charge before putting Kyle down with a back elbow.

Kyle then caught Lynn in a bear hug and slammed him down with his finisher – the Rubout. Kyle covered and got the win.

We went back to last week and saw Terry Gordy with Tommy Angel in a headlock. Angel fought back and Gordy power bombed him for the win.

We returned to commentary to see Gordy talking to Caudle. Caudle pointed out that a lot of guys were saying that they couldn’t be beat. Gordy asked Caudle who he was betting on, and Caudle said he wouldn’t bet against Gordy. Gordy reiterated that he couldn’t be beaten and he was willing to back up his words.

We came back from commercial and saw Rogers doing squats with Tim Horner watching. Rogers told Horner that he’d do squats for an hour and Horner told Rogers he had five hundred dollars that said that Rogers couldn’t. We jumped ahead to the end of the show and Horner asked Caudle to check the time before he kicked Rogers’s chair away, causing him to fall. Caudle told Rogers he’d only gone for 59:30 as Horner walked away.

We then headed to an interview with Rogers, who claimed that Horner owed him five hundred dollars. Rogers said that he’d done what he would, but today he’d take five thousand dollars out of Horner’s hide.

Back in the arena, Rogers was already in the ring posing. The crowd warmed up noticeably as Horner made his way out. The two circled and locked up with Rogers winding up in the ropes. The ref forced the break and Rogers claimed his hair had been pulled.

Another lockup saw Horner and Rogers rapidly trading holds with Horner winding up with Rogers down in an armbar. Rogers returned to his feet and buried a knee in Horner’s midsection, then Horner took him down into another armbar.

Rogers whipped himself free and leapfrogged Horner, only for Horner to stop behind him and punch him when he turned. Rogers plopped down in the corner as the ref kept Horner back. Rogers returned to his feet, still holding his cheek, and then he and Rogers traded arm wringers.

Horner stopped Rogers with another punch and again Rogers went into the corner. Another lockup saw Horner get a headlock and then he took Rogers down. Rogers yanked Horner’s hair and locked him in a head scissors. Horner flipped free and went back to a headlock.

Rogers slammed Horner into the corner and raked his chest. Rogers sent Horner through the ropes and hit a double axe handle from the top to Horner on the floor. Rogers threw Horner back in and slammed him. Rogers headed back up top and Horner caught him. Rogers jabbed a thumb into Horner’s eye and hit him with a tomahawk chop for a two.

Rogers tried to suplex Horner to the floor, but Horner reversed and brought Rogers back in. Rogers dodged an elbow drop and hit one of his own. Horner punched away and Rogers went outside. Horner then nailed a suicide dive through the ropes to put Rogers down.

Rogers asked if piledrivers were illegal and tried to piledrive Horner on the floor. Horner reversed and backdropped Rogers on the floor. Horner sent Rogers back in and Rogers stunned him with a punch, then both men went for a cross body at the same time. Rogers was back up first and kicked Horner. Horner sent Rogers into the turnbuckle head first and went for a sunset flip. Rogers held onto the ropes only for Horner to pull him free and get the win.

We came back to commentary to hear Bob Armstrong tell Jim Cornette that he demanded to know who Cornette’s mystery team was before he allowed them into the tournament. Cornette responded by promising a video of his new team next week. As Armstrong and Cornette traded barbs, Caudle said goodbye for another week after reminding us of next week’s main event – the Koloffs and Jimmy Golden vs. the Fantastics and their mystery partner.

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