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Everyone dreams of getting back at their tyrannical boss; who doesn’t get tired of the micro-managing and the constant meddling?

Timmy, the lovable assistant to Russell Dunbar from “Rules of Engagement” has created a place for people to sound off about the people who have made their lives and living hell: http://TimmyStrikesBack.com

In Timmy’s latest blog post, lovable assistant Timmy details his top 5 tips for surviving a trip to Atlantic City (which is especially funny if you saw this past Monday’s show).

In my world travels, I’ve seen shanty towns of such immense poverty that Mother Teresa would break down in tears. I mean even now, when she’s dead. I’ve seen landfills so vast they resembled oceans and toxic waste facilities so wretched that no mammal dared near. Not until this past weekend, however, could I have foreseen a place so destitute, so decrepit, that it would feature all three. And then I went to Atlantic City.