JR Blogs: Mick Foley, The Rock, TNA beating WWE, Wrestlemania 26

After a big week in wrestling, Jim Ross chimes in on all the major news and happenings.

on Mick Foley
Small world…I accidentally ran into Mick Foley in LA on Tuesday as both of us were there on personal business unrelated to the other. Mick was in good spirits and has many interesting irons in the fire. Helluva talented guy who, in my view, should wrestling 2-3 times a year and then on PPV. Mick was even wearing a sport coat which complimented his sweat pants nicely.

on The Rock
Enjoyed the Rock’s appearance on the Tonight Show Wednesday night with Jay Leno as Rock sang an old, Sam Cooke song which did not totally surprise me nor the fact that the “Great One” loves old school, country music. Sam Cooke was one of the many aliases Rock used to use at hotels on the road with WWE.

on TNA beating WWE
One emailer told me that TNA was going to “beat” WWE because TNA had “stronger tag teams.” What?! TNA will never “beat” WWE but that doesn’t mean that TNA can’t be a viable brand that is profitable if they provide an alternative product to what WWE produces. Now watch the emails flow about how I am biased, which is true, and that I hope that TNA fails, which is very wrong.

on Wrestlemania 26
It seems that many within the wrestling media know more about my Wrestlemania assignment that do I. I still don’t know what I’m specifically and officially doing in Phoenix but as I mentioned I am just happy to be attending the event. So for those of you that may read what my role is going to be in conjunction with WM26, and insiders might be correct at the end of the day, just for the record and as of today I don’t know. However, if you get any more inside info please share it. I need to know what to pack.

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