Rasslin’ Roundtable – TNA Destination X

TNA World Heavyweight title
AJ Styles (c) vs. Abyss

Steven Gepp: As this is WCW:TNA, the money is in the chase, so the heel has to go over. Either that or it becomes a tag match with whoever gets the winning pin as the champ (and WCW has done that stupid f*cking stipulation before). In which case I’d sat Hogan pins Flair for the title. But let’s assume we’re going to get the match we’ve been told we’re getting.
Winner – Styles

Widro: Although Abyss has been associated with Hulk Hogan, it’s hard to imagine him winning the title, especially with the Pope and Jeff Hardy lined up as challengers.
Winner – Styles

Ben LeDoux: It’s too quick in his run for him to drop the belt and nobody is banking on Abyss EVER being a big enough star to carry the belt. Think of him as TNA’s version of Kane.
Winner – AJ Styles

David Brashear: Abyss should have had a good run with the title. Unfortunately, he’s been so damaged by the booking, he’d only drag the belt down with him at this point. There’s serious money in AJ-Jeff Hardy or AJ-RVD match even among non-TNA watchers (and that’s not counting the seriously worth D’Angelo Dinero), so the logical result would be for AJ to keep the belt instead of giving it to Evad. I mean Abyss.
Winner – AJ Styles

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

Widro: This has been a crazy feud that has been basically blown off and then resurrected. Angle has been somewhat lost in the shuffle in TNA in 2010, and I think Anderson will win here to keep his upward momentum.
Winner – Anderson

Ben LeDoux: Angle is the golden boy of TNA, why would he lose to Anderson? Anderson?
Winner – Kurt Angle

David Brashear: I’m going to say that Angle loses this only to get the two into a cage for a rematch at Lockdown where Angle will win.
Winner – Ken Anderson

Steven Gepp: Can Angle do a 1980s-era Flair and get a *** match out of this broomstick? Nope. I think there’ll be interference, some soldiers will get involved, and then we’ll have some sort of boot camp match with Rambo Gagne the guest referee at the next PPV.
Winner – Angle

If Hall and Syxx-Pac win, they receive TNA contracts. Otherwise, they must leave TNA immediately.
Kevin Nash/Eric Young vs. Scott Hall/Syxx-Pac

Ben LeDoux: I think this is the end of the road for Hall and Waltman, what else is left for them now that nostalgiamania has ran its course in a couple months?
Winner – Kevin Nash/Eric Young

David Brashear: Normally I’d say that Nash swerves everybody and turns on Young to put the band back together yet again. But since word is that Hall’s starting to become an embarrassment to management backstage, I can see him taking a powder. Waltman’ll find some other back door to get back in.
Winners – Kevin Nash/Eric Young

Steven Gepp: Come on, we can ALL see the swerve here, can’t we? Yep – Young betrays Nash and so the Dynamic Duo will win and get contracts.
Winner – Hall/Pac

Widro: This should be truly horrible anytime Hall or Nash is in the ring. I think Nash somehow turns and recreates the NWO again. Why the heck not
Winner – Hall/Syxx

TNA World Tag Team titles
Matt Morgan/Hernandez (c) vs. Beer Money, Inc.

David Brashear: Beer Money takes the belts when a problem pops up between the champs. That way we’ve got Beer Money set to take on the new challengers and we can get the Morgan/Hernandez feud going.
Winners – Beer Money, Inc.

Steven Gepp: I am a Beer Money fan, pure and simple, and I hope this match is allowed to go with as much time as possible. Having said that, I reckon Hall/Pac will insert themselves here and come out champs. Probably by pinning Roode. Pricks. But let’s assume the match will go ahead as planned.
Winner – Morgan/Hernandez

Widro: With turmoil within the champs, and the renewed push of Beer Money, this should see a title change.
Winner – Beer Money

Ben LeDoux: If I remember right aren’t Morgan and Hernandez like enemies or something right now? Or just at odds but don’t get along like they used to? Drop the belt to a real tag team and leave these little angles where they should be, somewhere else.
Winners – Beer Money, Inc.

TNA X-Division title
Doug Williams (c) vs. Shannon Moore

Widro: Big test for Shannon as a worker against a pro like Williams. Could be a great match or a disappointment. I think Moore picks up the win here.
Winner – Moore

Ben LeDoux: Of course there is a chance that they give the belt to Shannon Moore to appease Jeff but I don’t see that being the case. I enjoy the X Division, I’m glad to see a little more focus on it. A little.
Winner – Doug Williams

David Brashear: Let’s be honest. Shannon Moore’s a former WWE guy against a guy whose primary exposure has been with TNA.
Winner – Shannon Moore

Steven Gepp: One is an established heel from Europe that WCW:TNA have developed into the US style with some success. The other is a WWE reject.
Winner: The Reject Moore

TNA Women’s title
Tara (c) vs. Daffney

Ben LeDoux: I always liked Tara’s ring style so I’m going with her because I don’t pay too much attention the Knockouts anymore.
Winner – Tara

David Brashear: I’m a big Daffney fan, but I think that Tara’s got more she can do in the ring.
Winner – Tara

Steven Gepp: This Beautiful People thing is totally out of control. WCW:TNA had the best women’s wrestling I’d seen on TV in ages and now they’re p*ssing it away for 2 minute matches and cleavage. It would not surprise me to see this become a 2-on-3 match with The Beautiful People and Angelina Love becoming involved, but let’s assume we get what is advertised. If allowed to go this has the potential to be a good women’s match.
Winner: Tara

Widro: This has been surprisingly well built up. With so many heel challengers, i think Tara retains
Winner – Tara

Ladder Match
Kazarian vs. Daniels vs. Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick

David Brashear: I’m torn on this. With picking Moore above, I’d like to see a good Kendrick/Moore match that gets to go beyond what the WWE would have allowed. However, I also want to see Red get back into the title hunt. Daniels should be involved at a higher level than this, and while Kazarian’s a solid talent, I just don’t see him winning this.
Winner – Amazing Red

Steven Gepp: Expecting a clusterf**k. Expecting at least one “Holy Sh*t” moment. Expecting at least 3 botches. Expecting Daniels to get further buried. Expecting he’ll be pinned. And humiliated. And will be in the next series of WWE NXT. Please, for the sake of all that is good in wrestling, let him at least be in the next series of WWE NXT.
Winner – A Brian Kendrick

Widro: This should also be a great match if its given time and everyone hits their spots. I could see Kaz or Daniels getting the win in this one, but I think i’ll go with Kaz
Winner – Kaz

Ben LeDoux: A fall from grace for some of these guys eh? Remember when Daniels was fighting for the top strap a couple months ago? Or Kendrick was WWE Champ for .5 seconds? Hopefully this means more emphasis on this belt but I see it being a prop in about the amount of time it took Kendrick to lose the WWE Title in the scramble. Another TNA mainstay who has been getting some face time takes the match.
Winner – Kazarian

Ultimate X match to determine #1 contenders to the TNA World Tag Team titles
Generation Me vs. the Motor City Machine Guns

Steven Gepp: Well, this should be match of the night unless somehow it is given three minutes only or some other team (And I’m looking at you Nasty Boys and Team 3D) injects themselves into it and ruins it completely. But this is WCW:TNA – they wouldn’t do that, would they?
Winner – Generation Me

Widro: Should be one of the best matches on the show with two of the best tag teams in the world. I think Generation Me picks up the win to face Beer Money.
Winner – Generation Me

Ben LeDoux: The Guns are the guys who should have been tag champs a number of times but are overlooked and have become fodder for other teams. Generation Me takes an upset and go on to compete for the tag straps.
Winners – Generation Me

David Brashear: I would love to give this match to the Guns. But with TNA’s focus on “new” faces, I’ve got to give it to the Young Bucks.
Winners – Generation Me

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