10 Thoughts on RAW for 03.22.2010 feat. Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Bret Hart, Triple H, Randy Orton, John Cena, Batista et al

Welcome to 10 Thoughts on RAW.  Tonight is the final RAW before Wrestlemania 26 and also my final night giving you 10 Thoughts.  I’m taking a much needed break and hope to be back sometime in the future.  If you’re interested in replacing me, scroll down to the bottom. Here we go!

  1. Great opening promo from Shawn Michaels and I also liked the career retrospective package.  Too bad HBK hasn’t had a longer time to play the heel for this feud.
  2. Miz/Morrison was very good as expected.  The neck hit on the apron Morrison took was sick.  And Big Show called Morrison a Solid Gold Dancer.  That was hilarious (guess that shows my age).
  3. Kingston/Kozlov was a waste (as expected).  How many people are in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match anyway?  Seems like the entire midcard.  (I know it’s 10, I’m trying to make a point)
  4. How is anyone supposed to take Legacy seriously when they are only put in handicap matches?  They get squashed one-on-one and in handicap matches they either lose or barely scrape by with a win.
  5. The actual match was still entertaining.  Orton’s pop was HUGE.  I expect this face turn to be much more successful than his last one.
  6. HBK almost made Kane look good.  Here’s a gem from Michael Cole during the match, “You don’t often see Shawn Michaels using submission holds but he’s using one here.  And he’s used them throughout his career.”  What?
  7. Much like last year, HBK keep’s getting the best of the Undertaker leading up to Wrestlemania.  And much like last year, he’ll lose at Wrestlemania.
  8. Bob Euker is an odd choice for the Hall of Fame but I like it.  He lands right in the wheelhouse of my wrestling superfandom, much like Wendi Richter.
  9. Pete Rose wasn’t used much but used well.  They acknowledged his history with Kane and played it right.  And he got to knock the San Francisco Giants and their inability to win a World Series.  Always a plus in my book.
  10. I really didn’t watch any of the Batista/Cena “Faceoff” because I just don’t care about it.  Yap yap yap.  Of course Cena will win and then I’ll be glad I’m not watching wrestling.  The Hardy and RVD vs. Beer Money, Inc. on TNA was pretty awesome though.


Thanks to everyone for reading.  I’ve appreciated it very much.

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