10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 3/15/10

10. Can someone let Flair know that even though you’re allowed to bleed on TV, you do not HAVE to bleed on TV.

9. Have to say Jeff Hardy’s TNA music really doesn’t have the pop that theme music should. But it’s individual and that’s his thing.

8. I’m holding back from unloading on the first match. Will try and avoid mentioning much more than the fact that it was between two groups of men who probably should have given up being in-ring performers a while ago.

7. Nice little laugh with the Beautiful People announcing Daffney as their one night only member. Though it would be nicer if TNA could give us more from the Knockouts.

6. TNA should have paid the person who showed up with the “Vince Who” sign.

5. Sorry, but if Hogan is ever “done with it” for good, it’ll be the moment he dies, and not a moment sooner. Can’t say that’s a good thing, but it’s the truth.

4. It was nice to see Jarrett and Hernandez standing in the ring together after actually getting on top of someone else. Hate to think what it means for Jarrett in the next episode though.

3. Finally, Foley snapped! Him shaving Bischoff’s head was a pretty damm good moment.

2. “We are the X-box to your Atari”. One of the best lines in a promo ever possibly.

1. Very impressive that the Hardy / Styles match actually got a decent amount of time. Occasionally TNA gets it right.

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