I Hate March Madness

March is one of the best months in sports (even if Jeff Morrick doesn’t think so.)  The first two days of the March Madness tournament are two of the most exciting days in sports.  That’s until everyone’s brackets go to hell, especially mine.  There are lots of reasons that I hate March Madness but I will just give you a few……

1. I continue picking Georgetown for my elite eight.

2. Who the hell are Northern Iowa!?!?

3. Why would’nt you cover the player with the last shot? (Danero Thomas vs. Vandy, Korie Lucious vs. Maryland.)

4. CBS does not like the close games.  I know Syracuse is going to win, can you show me if Butler has ruined my bracket yet?

5. 7-10 matchups.  I never get these right……. maybe that’s just me.

6. Overtime.  If your team couldn’t win it in regulation don’t expect them to win it in OT.

7. St. Mary’s.  If they beat Baylor my bracket may catch on fire.

8. Duke.  How did the weakest one-seed get the easiest region?

9. Georgetown.  I have to stop picking Georgetown.

10. March Madness literally consumes your life for a couple of weeks.  If you want to alienate friends and loved ones make a bracket.  It will take your focus off of lesser things (friends, family, etc.)

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