Inside Pulse TNA Destination X 2010 Report

We are LIVE from the Impact! Zone in Orlando! It’s TNA!

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#1 Contenders Ladder Match For the X Division Title
Brian Kendrick vs. Amazing Red vs, Kazarian vs. Daniels
There is a contract hanging above the ring and there is a ladder. Madness to start. Ladder spots to start. Awesome moonsault by Daniels from the ladder which was bridged across the ring and guard rail. Impact zone chimes in with “this is awesome” about the four minute mark. Kendrick pushes a ladder over with Kaz and Red who topple over. All four doing spots. Crazy spot and crowd chants “TNA”. Kaz and Kendrick climb. Later two ladeders setup. Daniels tries to grab Kaz, but Kaz suplexes him off. Kaz knocks Kendrick off and grabs the contract.
Winner: Kazarian

Ric Flair comes out in a wheelchair (pushed by Chelsea). He is complaining that he has never been in a wheelchair, and that there will be retribution for it.

Abyss & Hogan are backstage, Hogan wants Abyss to keep his confidence up. Bischoff comes in, and Abyss jabs at his new haircut. Bischoff says that Foley & Jarrett will fall in line.

Tara (c) vs. Daffney – TNA Knockouts Championship
Tara comes down to the ring hot, and goes right after Daff. Tara with a Tarantula, but breaks before the 5 count. Tara with some kicks, keeps Daff down to the mat. Daff catches Tara, and this a Northern Lights for 2. Daff with a kick to Tara’s head for 2. Daff brings Tara to the floor, and rams her to the guardrail. Back in the ring, Daff takes the title belt and goes for Tara, but Tara ducks and picks up Daff for the Widow’s Peak, pinfall.
Winner – Tara

After the match, Tara celebrates with the fans, and when she goes back to the ring to get her spider, she realizes that Daffney took it, and is taunting her from the ramp.

Brutus Magnus is with Christy backstage, he cuts a promo saying that he is just Magnus now. He will take the Global Championship away from his former partner.

Big Rob (c) vs. Magnus – TNA Global Championship
Squash, Rob quickly hits a big spinebuster for the pin.
Winner – Big Rob

Machineguns with Christy. They rip on Gen Me, and say that they are walking away with the title shot tonight.

Generation Me vs. Motor City Machineguns – Ultimate X Match – #1 Tag Team Title Contendership
Back and forth fast paced action to start the match, lots of running the ropes. Max goes to to the crossropes, but Shelley brings him down, and tosses him to the floor. Jeremy in, Guns double team him, hitting the necksnap/dropkick combo. This match is moving way too fast. Guns with dual round kicks to Jeremy, and send him to the ropes. Both Guns charge, but Jeremy puts the boots up. Jeremy hits a springboard X-Factor on Shelley, and slides to the apron and hits a moonsault on floor on Sabin. All 4 men get to crossropes, and they are in the middle at the same time. They all fall to the mat, and exchange superkicks, with Gen Me coming out on top. Jeremy in the corner, and Max powerbombs Shelley into his knees! Sabin fights back, and the Guns hit Gen Me with the Super Sliced Bread. Sabin & Jeremy fight on the crossropes, and Sabin is able to fend off Jeremy, and pulls down the X.
Winners – Motor City Machineguns

Video Package of The Band breaking up.

Hall & Pac cut a promo saying that they’ll be on Impact tomorrow with their big contracts.

Eric Young & Kevin Nash vs. Scott Hall & Syxx-Pac – Contracts vs. Banned for Life
Hall comes to the ring, and takes a survey. When the match starts, Hall hits a quick Fall-a-Way slam on EY. Pac & Hall take turns on EY, with no tags to Nash. Nash finally gets the tag in, and a staggering EY is still in the ring, and Nash turns to EY and hits the Jackknife Power Bomb. Pac follows it up with a X-Factor for the pin.
Winners – Hall & Pac

After the match, Pac gets some spraypaint and outlines EY’s fallen body on the mat.

Christy with Angle, but instead of cutting a promo, he burns a promo picture of Anderson.

Doug Williams (c) vs. Shannon Moore – X-Division Championship
This has got to be Moore’s first televised match in 3 years. Moore quickly sends Williams to the floor, and he hits a top rope plancha! Moore back in the ring, but when Williams gets back in, he has a brick in his hand, and he cracks it across Moore’s head with it, and scores the pin.
Winner – Doug Williams

Williams cuts a promo saying that he will bring the X-Division down to mat wrestling, and keep clowns like Moore out. He then gets some lip stick and colors Moore’s face.

They recap the Hernandez/Morgan tension & Beer Money’s rise to the #1 Contendership.

Matt Morgan & Hernandez vs. Beer Money, Inc. – TNA Tag Team Championships
Morgan refuses to start the match. Roode & Storm double team some, but eventually Hernandez takes over. Hernandez with a huge stalling suplex on Storm. He wants to tag Morgan, but Morgan says that he’ll tag in when he’s ready. Storm on the floor, and Hernandez goes to leap on him but Morgan stands in his way. Morgan finally gets in the ring, and says that it’ll only take one move to take down Roode, but Roode fights back, and he tags in Hernandez right away. Morgan is screaming at Hernandez and Storm comes over and goes to spit beer on Hernandez’s face, but Hernandez ducks it, and Storm hits Morgan. Hernandez then hits Storm with a Dominator for the pin.
Winners – Hernandez & Morgan

After the match, Morgan hits Hernandez with the Carbon Footprint…wow maybe the Guns will finally win the Tag Titles…

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson
Angle repeatedly allows Anderson to put headlocks on, but he fends off Anderson easily. Anderson then hits a cheap shot, and works over Angle’s shoulder. Anderson hits a very early Mic Check, but only gets a 2 count. Angle back up, and he plants Anderson in the corner, and hits a Frog Splash! Angle the goes to follow up with a clothesline, but Anderson ducks it, and Angle takes out the ref. Anderson comes from behind, and hits Angle with the Olympic Slam, but the ref is still down. Anderson gets a chair, but decides not to use it, and grabs Angle’s medallion. He goes to use it, but Angle is playing possum, and takes the medallion away, and carves up Anderson with it while the ref is still down. Angle revives the ref, and locks on the Ankle Lock for the submission.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Anderson’s mic comes down while Angle is walking away, and he is complaining that he wanted to finally face Angle in a fair one on one match, and then he called Angle fake.

Recap of Abyss/Styles

AJ Styles (w/ Ric Flair & Chelsea) (c) vs. Abyss – TNA Heavyweight Championship
During Jeremy Borash’s introductions, Abyss attacks AJ. They fight in the ramp right infront of Flair in the wheelchair. Abyss tosses him back in the ring, all the way across the ring! AJ fights back and nails Pele, and then he sets a chair up in the turnbuckle. Abyss comes back, hits the Shock Treatment for 2. Abyss then hits a slingshot, sending AJ into the chair in the corner. Flair gets the ref’s attention, and spray’s some sort of liquid in his eyes. This provokes Hogan to come down to the ring with a new ref, and then Hogan pushes Flair to the back. AJ has Abyss down, and he stomps away. Abyss starts to hulk up, and he does the finger point, big boot, and then goes for the choke slam, but the ring gives away, and AJ fall through the ring to the floor! The ref then calls for the bell and calls it a no contest.

After the match, Hogan uses the liquid to blind Flair. Desmond Wolfe comes down, but does nothing, and trips over Flair and falls into the hole in the ring, and then Flair tumbles down the hole.

Show Over.

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