Mystery Science Theater 3000 Vol. XVIII Coming This Summer

CRASH OF THE MOONS with short, “General Hospital”–Segment 3
THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS with shorts: “Money Talks!” & “Progress Island, U.S.A.”

For those of you keeping score at home, those are, respectively, episodes 208, 417, 621, and 813. Shout! Factory is readying this release for July 13, 2010.

The Pulse: Shout! Factory may be the best thing to ever happen to MST3K since Comedy Central first picked it up. The rate that they’ve produced new sets is phenomenal and makes fans like me very, very happy. The lineup for this volume is one of the strongest yet, and that’s saying something considering how great the last four sets have been. Now if we could only get them to release the Mast Ninja movies….

So, how does this lineup sound to you? Are there any episodes you’re dying for them to release? I’ve already mentioned the Master Ninja movies, but I’d love for them to put out Time of the Apes, any of the Gamara movies, I Was a Teenage Werewolf, and Revenge of the Creature, to name just a few.

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