WWE WrestleMania 26 News on Card, Weekend & Post-Event Booking

WWE has not decided which match will headline WrestleMania 26. It is down to a choice of Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker and John Cena vs Batista, with the former currently the likelier candidate. Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon is expected to go in the middle of the card, followed by a buffer match and then Chris Jericho vs Edge. Drew McIntyre remains the favourite to win Money in the Bank, although Christian’s name has been suggested for the role too. The ladder match is expected to open the show, although the Big Show & Miz vs John Morrison & R-Truth tag team title match has been suggested for that spot as well.

WWE wants both the Raw and Smackdown wrestlers to be ready to work both TV shows the week after WrestleMania at the tapings in Phoenix and Las Vegas. The Smackdown crew is expected to work on Raw on a regular basis until the draft show in April.

WWE also wants to keep their wrestlers as occupied as possible while in Phoenix for WrestleMania. They don’t want their guys to attend the ROH or Dragon’s Gate shows and are paranoid about them doing something stupid that gets put on TMZ, which will be in attendance.

Credit: Wrestling Observer

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