10 Thoughts: WWE NXT for March 23, 2010: Final Wrestlemania 26 Build

After being out last week, I return with this week’s 10 Thoughts on the pre-WrestleMania edition of NXT:

1. It’s a nice touch that they have the records of the rookies shown during their entrance. Of course, that’s not going to look good when Daniel Bryan comes out.

2. I’m sure the Internet will be elated that Heath Slater is now 4-0 in NXT. Regal’s expression at Sheffield’s loss was priceless.

3. Anyone wonder how many years it will be before WrestleMania takes place at the new Cowboy Stadium?

4. I’m not sure if Shawn Michaels-Undertaker is the most anticipated match in WrestleMania history. I would argue that was probably Hogan-Andre, but I can see how this match would be considered within the top 5 of most anticipated matches in the event’s history.

5. Whoever has been doing the Shawn Michaels-Undertaker video packages deserves a promotion, more vacation time, higher pay or all the above. Just when you think they’ve put out their best effort, they top themselves.

6. It kinda sucks that they are using the show as a WrestleMania hype program, but they need people to buy the show (and I think they will in large numbers) so I can’t fault them too much.

7. Although the Bret-Vince angle got off to a bad start, the twist of Bret showing that the broken leg was a work and them selling the idea that Vince is going to get massacred at the pay-per-view has redeemed it in my eyes.

8. I’m intrigued as to how they are going to do the polls for this show next week. Will wrestlers read a complete list or merely unveil their top 3? Also, for voting at the end I wonder if pro’s only get one vote or whether they merely say yes/no to a certain rookie.

9. CM Punk is one of the best mentors on the show. His complete indifference to Darren Young’s matches is something I wish I could share with him but I have to give some thoughts on this show and watch his matches.

10. Daniel Bryan’s losing streak continues? I wonder how they are going to reverse his streak of bad luck.

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