Desperate Housewives – Episode 6-18 Review

Hi, desperate fans. Here is the review for the 18th episode of the sixth season of “Desperate Housewives”.

Spoiler-free zone:

The mystery continues to progress in this episode, as an unwanted and dangerous character, traces down the Bolens. Furthermore, Bree’s storyline adds an extra mystery element to the show, and Lynette, Susan and Gaby provide the comedy for the week.

Spoiler zone:

I like the fact that recently, many characters’ stories are being connected with one another. This week Gaby and Susan have to face one another as the school’s candy sale begins, and both mothers are determined to see their child win. Susan’s reason is that she doesn’t want MJ to feel like a loser, whereas Gaby wants Juanita to blend in with her new classmates. Both mothers do anything they can to have their child win. Susan goes as far as to pretend that MJ is handicapped in order to get the buyer’s sympathy. In the end (after both mother’s, in their own way kidnap the other person’s child) Susan finds out that Juanita wants to win, not because she wants to make friends, but because she wants to make mama proud. Thus Susan lets Gaby win. A nice uplifting storyline!

In Lynette’s story, things start to heat up even more with Preston’s new Russian girlfriend. Lynette is shocked to find out that Preston is willing to leave college and get a job in order to buy a decent place for him to live with his new girl (Irina). Lynette tries to stop this from happening, but it only resulted in making Irina push the wedding into next week. Poor Lynette has to deal with a pregnancy (which should be over soon) and teenage drama at the same time. Still though, I’m curious to see where this is going.

Bree’s storyline was very enjoyable this week. Her daughter makes a return (after she last appeared in the beginning of season 5) in order to meet Rex’s little bastard, Sam. While, we haven’t seen signs of Sam behaving badly, Mary-Alice hinted that he is up to no good. After a very classic “Van De Kamp” dinner table scene, Andrew gets upset over a guitar that belonged to his father. Bree gave the guitar to Sam so he can have something that once belonged to his father. Andrew got angry and broke it, mainly because (as he himself said) he sees Sam as the perfect son that Bree wished she had. While I think Andrew was exaggerating, I do still see his point. Later on, Orson also gets a bad vibe from Sam and encourages Andrew to do some research about Sam’s background. What I liked about this story was Bree’s little moment she had with Sam, where she talks about Rex and why she married him. I found this scene very realistic and touching, since Bree has rarely talked about Rex to anyone after his passing. It is only natural that, with Sam, she finally feels the need to be with someone that she can remember Rex with.

Katherine’s storyline unfortunately seems to have ended. After the entire neighbourhood finds out about her and Robin (in McCluskey’s “I beat cancer” party) Katherine is struggling to save her image. In the end, she decides to explore what she has with Robin, and thus goes to Paris with her. I really hope we see more of Katherine because her exit was a bit abrupt.

The mystery this week has started to build up to the finale. Patrick Logan (Danny’s real father) makes his first appearance when he goes to pay the nosy neighbour that told him that Angie is in Fairview. Poor lady though asked too many questions and thus Patrick strangled her…I felt bad for her. We also get to see some character development which is needed for the mystery to be more intriguing. We saw a softer side of Nick who worries about Danny finding out that he is not his genetic father. In the end we see a shot of Patrick arriving in the neighbourhood. Obviously trouble is bound to follow, and I want to see what happens next…now!

All in all, the episode was more than a solid one, since it spiced up some storylines while developing the characters at the same time. Unfortunately, I don’t think there will be a new episode next week. We just have to wait for now…

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