John Cena News: WWE Wellness Policy Not Necessary, Thoughts on Vince McMahon

In the media hype for Wrestlemania, John Cena did an interview with Sky Sports talking about WWE and his career

on rap changing his life:
That was the facet that opened the door for me. The rap idea came along totally by accident. Somebody at WWE heard me rapping and said, ‘hey, why don’t we get this on television?’ That’s what got me on the map. It was the right time, just as hip-hop was at its peak.

on the WWE Wellness Policy
It’s nothing but a positive. I’ll be quite honest with you, it’s a company move that didn’t need to be made. This is the entertainment industry, we’re not organised athletics. But the WWE made a positive effort to look after its athletes and I’m very, very happy. It was the right move.

on Vince McMahon
He’s a businessman. It’s just like you dealing with your boss, except your boss would be the hardest working individual you’d ever met. That’s what he is. He’s the guy who still works from dusk till dawn, at his age.

Tons more from Cena on his background and training at the Full Interview

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