JR Blogs: WWE Wrestlemania 26, Hall of Fame 2010, Stone Cold Steve Austin

With the final Monday Night Raw headed into Wrestlemania 26 in the books, Jim Ross has chimed in with another blog. Here are some highlights:

on the Hall of Fame 2010
I look forward to attending the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Saturday night. It’s honestly one of my favorite, wrestling related events of the year. A close, dear, personal friend got us two, really good seats adjacent to the Hart Family Section which ended up being near Tucson. Hey, LOTS of Harts are attending as the patriarch of the family, Stu Hart, is being inducted. Gosh I wish Stu was alive to accept his award as his acceptance speech would be a classic and longer than Superstar Billy Graham’s and might even get us into Sunday. BTW I’ll be the guy with the fake tan and wearing a black hat sitting next to a very hot, younger woman who I have luckily been married to for 17 years this October right around the time that Oklahoma plays Texas in the Cotton Bowl. Whew….long sentence. I always had trouble with those damn sound bytes.

on WWE Wrestlemania 26
I found out a few hours ago that I have two appearances at Wrestlemania 26 AXXESS. I guess someone got sickly. Seriously ladies and gentlemen, I will be at AXXESS, just love spelling AXXESS on the keyboard, on Saturday morning bright and early from 8 until 10 a.m. and again Sunday morning for a brunch time appearance from 10 a.m.-noon. I am under the impression that these appearances are affiliated with the WWE Hall of Fame and that we will be signing autographs and giving bone marrow. That last part was just me being silly. I do look forward to seeing and meeting fans from all over the world at AXXESS. If you’re at AXXESS, I can’t help myself, this weekend drop by and say hello or “hey” as they often did back in the day in Mayberry.

on Stone Cold
Stone Cold is ubiquitous this week promoting his action/adventure film “Damage” which is on sale now on DVD. Steve will be on the East Coast this week including a stop off at Harvard University. The Mrs and I will be buying multiple copies of “Damage” to package with our own products for holiday gift giving for our “loved ones.” What says that we love you more than a “Damage” DVD and some Chipotle Ketchup?? Exactly.

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