More On Monday Night WWE Monday Night Raw, TNA Impact Quarter Hour Ratings

The March 22nd, 2010 WWE Monday Night Raw scored a 3.24 rating off of hours of 3.04 and 3.44. The show averaged 4,505,000 viewers.

TNA Impact did a .86 rating with a first hour of 0.83 and a 0.87 for the second hour.

Here are some quarter hour breakdowns:

  • The opening segment with Bischoff and Jarrett was the second-lowest quarter hour of the show at 0.79.
  • 0.93 for Q3 with the announcement of Team Hogan vs. Team Flair for Lockdown
  • 0.76 for the Tomko-Rob Terry match, the lowest quarter of the night
  • Q6 had peaked at 0.97 with the end of the Jarrett-Foley match
  • 0.85 in Q8 and a 0.81 rating for the overrun

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