The Top 10 Worst Wrestlers at the Moment

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It is March 22, 2010. Using a highly scientific method members of the staff at InsidePulse have compiled a list of the 10 worst wrestlers at the moment. We do not grade simply by technical skill. We include promo ability, dullness, unwatchableness, stupid crappiness among other factors and made up words. All complaints about the list should be put at the bottom of the page, where they will be figured into next week’s list. Your opinion is very important in regards to this highly scientific list.
Honorable Mentions

The Great Khali: Probably the worst wrestler in either major company, yes, but completely unobjectionable in his current role. I didn’t even mind the effort he showed with Daniel Bryans, letting the little man take him off his feet.

Carlito: Carlito has clearly checked out and is probably waiting for his release which he expects to come as soon as his NXT wrestler is eliminated. He hasn’t changed his act since he started. Stale would be too kind. He just barely avoided the list.

Abyss: This HOF Ring storyline is KILLING us. AJ Styles did a fun little Ric Flair impersonation. Abyss as Hulk Hogan is confusing and wrong. He’s a monster, not a hero. He should be The Undertaker, not John Cena. His outfit is balls out goofy. His music is terrible. Competent ring work BARELY saves him.

The List!

10. Scott Hall: While he has barely wrestled, his appearance last night was more than enough to get him included on the list. His gut hung over his trunks and made the word Hall appear to read null. He needed help to lift Eric Young into the Celtic Cross, and at one point during the match he grabbed the referee to help pull him up. Hopefully he’ll become something of a group manager and disappear from this list.

9. Vladimir Kozlov: You can’t say the WWE didn’t try with this guy. The recipient of a monster push and main events not long ago, his character has been so inconsistent I’m not sure if he’s a heel or face. Brutal to watch, his bland evil foreigner promos are a pain to listen to. While he has mostly stopped wrestling and talking lately, he still pops up enough to warrant pointing out how bad he is.

8. Edge: Yup! I don’t see him being on this list for very long, but it occurred to me how it was probably his idea to use the word “Spear” to sell his Wrestlemania match with Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho looks like a moron threateningly chanting it. The fans barely keep it going for a few second. Edge looks so amateurish with that dumb angry look on his face saying it over and over. Edge has shown these past few weeks why he has never gotten over as a face and never will. This should have been the biggest match of his life, and instead it’s overshadowed on Smackdown by CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio. Weak Edge.

7. The Nasty Boys: I know what you’re wondering: Why are they not lower on this list? Surely there cannot be 6 people worse than the Nasty Boys! These are super fat, super old men who belong on national television as much as Brooke Hogan. Their matches have been abysmal and they’re not going anyway. Yet, who among us does not admire their pluck? I mean, come on, it’s the Nasty Boys! And they’re still wrestling! Look at that! (If they win the tag titles they are #1)

6. Shannon Moore: DILLIGAF means Does It Look Like I Give A Fuck? No Shannon Moore! It does not look like that at all. With your bland offense and your crappy promos, your unique look would better suit a better wrestler. You only have a job because of your famous friend, and if he goes to prison you’ll be out on your ass. Both the Nasty Boys and Shannon Moore were brought to us by higher profile TNA signings, and both are sucking more than the stars they signed are positively effecting the product.

5. Drew McIntyre: This one was Widro’s. Weirdd look, bad promos, and his wrestling is actually pretty lousy. Out of everything he could have stolen from Randy Orton, he took the extremely long ring entrance so we have to suffer through more of him. Drew McIntyre would get a pass if he was being built up slowly, but he’s being rushed to the top. Just an absolute waste of a push that should have gone to Dolph Ziggler or John Morrison.

4. Michelle McCool: Speaking of undeserved pushes, Michelle McCool is just awful. Really, really bad. Layla is better. Tiffany is better. Anyone is better. Yet, she is the go to champion. I am personally shocked there were three higher on the list than her. Oh, and while of course she’s pretty her beauty pales in comparison to the other wrestlers.

3. Ken Anderson: You know what? Moments of brilliance do not justify the fetid, foul reign of Mr. Anderson. Between the embarrassingly bad main event matches and the sleep inducing promos punctuated by the enjoyable saying of his name, Ken Anderson continues to be the biggest overhyped failure in professional wrestling. And his new slogan, “Pro Wrestling is Real. People are Fake.” No! Are you a moron? I mean, obviously, but come on! When I saw it my eyes rolled so hard I think they did a 360. Also, if he’s going to get by on his promo skills he needs a new catchphrase.

2. Matt Hardy: The best wrestler on this list by a lot. He can still go in the ring, I’m sure he’ll do fine in the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania. He has been among my favorites for a very long time. Now he’s orange, fat and uninspired. He obviously realizes he’s going nowhere due to his terrible promo skills which he has had years to work on. He has been set up for main event pushes time and time again and has dropped the ball every time. I wonder if he blames everything on everyone else or if he takes any personal responsibility? All I know is if you hear his music outside of a big gimmick match, you’re in for a competent match in which nothing new is tried and basically a boring few minutes.

1. Matt Morgan: The very worst. He can either overact or underact. His move set is boring. His interview skills are abysmal. Every time he is on the television I want to change the channel. He is also pushed to the moon. He is the worst. I’m not sure there will be anyone who tops him as long as he is around.