Vince Russo News: Paul Heyman Declined TNA, Crying, His Critics

The UK Sun has posted some highlights of Vince Russo’s book and had some notable information on Paul Heyman

on Paul Heyman to TNA:
Oh, and one last thing, for the record: I called Paul E personally to ask him to join TNA. He declined.

on crying
I cry when I think of all the sacrifices the family have made for a business that will never give a damn about any of us. A business that will never know any of you personally, but wanted to take you all down at my expense.

on his critics
To the critics: the negativity hurt . . . and it still does. If that was your intent, bravo. you win: I lose. I hope no other person has to endure the kind of criticism I’ve had to

Full Story on UK Sun

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