90210 – Episode 2-15 Review

After the amazingness of our time spent in my favorite zip last week I’m kinda bummed that this weeks episode didn’t have the same spark.  However, this episode was not bad by any means especially when compared to some of last season’s early episodes.  I think the main things I felt like it was missing were more time with bev hills sassy and stylish Naomi and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I missed Ivy.  These girls have really brought something to the show in it’s second season and I’m hoping they’ll be back more next week.

One of my favorite aspects of this week’s episode was that Adrianna was a major focus.  She is on of the most talented actors on the show and I’m glad to see her character bonding with Gia and trying to get past Navid.  She just got involved in a band, thanks to Gia, that might make for some fun cliché drama and music moments down the road.  I know my fingers are crossed for the band to be more than just another short story arc.  Finally this week Gia confessed her feelings for Ade and next week promises some girl on girl kissing and some sexuality questioning.  I can’t wait to see how the show handles this topic.

Navid is finally off his suspension and I am almost sad to say I didn’t even realize Navid was absent from last week’s episode until tonight.  I love Navid and I am glad to see him getting back on the dating horse but I what I really want is to see him take charge more in the Blaze and have storylines not involving him and Adrianna.  I want to see his character outside of their relationship or lack there of these days but I just feel like everything he does is tied to her.

Silver and Teddy are officially giving it a go and I am still on the Teddy is a shady evil person hiding a big secret train.  Silver got a little jealous of all these bimbos that Teddy seemed to have dated or hooked up with and naturally turned to Naomi for help.  This led to Silver sending out a friend to spy on him and feeling guilty over it.  Silver is an amazing girl so of course she told him and he seemed shocked and slightly upset but really okay.  I 100% think that either Teddy set Silver up to show her that he was a monogamous man or that Trevor Donovan is just a really bad actor, which I don’t think he is.  Time will tell but I can’t wait to say I told you so.

Dixon’s birth mom is in town and she gambles. I want to be interested in this storyline, I mean I’m adopted but it’s just not working for me.  So I hope she comes to bev hills, does a little damage and leaves because I really don’t care about Dixon developing a relationship with her or not.  What I do like is Dixon and his mom Debbie and the way she is handling his birth mother being around, it feels real.  I hope her and Dixon stay okay through this mostly because I think the Wilson family is in for some major drama before the season is up.

Which brings me to my favorite Wilson, Annie!  Annie is trying her hardest to move past the hit and run and Jasper but he is stalking her all over town.  He even stole her car and stripped it to destroy any evidence in hopes to get back in her graces.  Clearly Jasper loves Annie but I think before the season’s up this “relationship” will be getting more volatile, at least I’m hoping it does.

The major highlights for me tonight were more Annie and getting in some extra Adrianna time but more importantly the music tonight was perfect including a little bit of “I Want Your Sex” as Teddy’s ringtone (no wonder Silver got jealous).  Can’t wait to see where things go from here and how the rest of junior year goes. See you next 90tues10!