Fired funny man Sinbad discusses his elimination on The Celebrity Apprentice

Apparently the Board Room is no laughing matter as Sinbad became the second comedian in a row fired by Donald Trump this season.

After being chosen as the Project Manager of the men’s team (RockSolid) at the suggestion of former Governor Rod Blagojevich, Sinbad led his team through the task of creating a Kodak storefront. Though RockSolid put their celebrity status to good use, the Kodak executives who judged the task felt like they didn’t advertise the actual product enough and awarded the women’s team (Tenacity) with the win.

In the Board Room, Sinbad said Poison front man Bret Michaels should be responsible for the loss because of his attitude and work ethic, yet he also admitted to Trump that Michaels was indeed manageable. Since he failed to manage Michaels, Trump only had one choice. “Sinbad, you’re fired.”

Over a conference call interview Monday, Sinbad discussed the real reasons behind his elimination, the way he was portrayed on the show and how much he has achieved as a celebrity.

After the first Board Room where comedian/writer Carol Leifer was fired, Sinbad said he realized Trump wanted the celebrities to throw each other under the bus.

“That’s what (Trump) lives for,” Sinbad said.  “You throwing each other underneath the bus.  And, he’s going to make you – he’s going to keep searching until you find somebody.”

In his exit interview from the show, Sinbad said he regretted not throwing more people under the bus and fighting to stay. However, when I asked him what he would have done different, Sinbad said he was mostly joking.

“Actually, a lot of that – I was just playing when I said that.  You know, in the Board Room – a lot of the Board Room scene when I was talking was cut out.  You know, I made my statements.  I said what I had to say, but a lot of it was taken out.”

Although he said a lot of his Board Room arguments were edited out of the show, Sinbad said he would never resort to begging as an option.

“I made a choice when I first came on that show, I’m not going to beg to stay and then still get fired.  Because Donald already has kind of made up in his mind what he’s going to do, and he likes to push the conversation the way he wants to push it, like he did… when he got the girls to throw Carol Leifer under the bus.”

While it was Bret Michaels that looked to be the reason of Sinbad’s elimination, Sinbad said his biggest mistake was taking control and becoming Project Manager too early in the game.

“The key is if you can put off being project manager.  And then if you’re project manager, there’s not many secrets.  You know, a lot of it’s the luck of the draw.  It’s the project you get. Do you have people with strength?  Do you have people that can do certain things?  Like in the first week, we were very fortunate we did the restaurant.  We had Curtis.  So you know, this was our first real task that was just a blank canvas, and let’s see what everybody can do.”

Even though he’s now eliminated from the show, Sinbad said he’s pulling for Holly Robinson Peete on Tenacity’s team.

“I know this much.  If they mess around and let Holly get toward the end, she’s going to be hard to beat. I don’t think the women see that yet. I think everybody’s focusing in on Sharon Osbourne and Cyndi Lauper, but if you’re watching, you know Holly is making all that stuff run for them.”

Sinbad’s charity he played for was Omega Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco/Oakland, an organization that works to help California’s youth.

“They keep kids from being in the streets.  They send kids to college.  They try to stop violence.  They have a radio show where kids were calling in. And when I first heard about them, they blew my mind – what they were doing.  And, it’s just a wonderful organization.”

Now that his run on The Celebrity Apprentice is over, will we be seeing Sinbad on any future reality shows like Dancing with the Stars? Don’t count on it.

“Oh, that would never happen.  With my knees, it’d be called Falling with the Stars.  I want to do Dancing with Cripple Stars.  Stars who have injuries.”