I'm Just Sayin'…Ides of March Edition

So I received an email from Mathan about this Ides of March theme that he thought would be cool to explore. The idea is for each of us to write about what we thought was the biggest betrayal in comics. Now considering it’s been about a week and nobody’s said it yet (both Grey and John cite JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE, a more-than-reliable review available by clicking on the title), I have to assume that the good people on the Nexus were waiting for me to bring up the BIGGEST of all betrayals. I am of course talking about…

…yeah, that’s the one.

I’ve linked each image to a news item I’ve found on the web pertaining to the single moment in comics that will likely stain Joe Quesada’s tenure as Captain of the Good Ship Marvel, perhaps even the rest of his days as a figure in comics.

I’ve already said so much about the asterisk on our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler that I’ve nicknamed NO GOOD REASON, that I’m not sure what I could add this time around. Not that either Quesada or anybody on the so-called “Brain Trust” care.

But for the last two years and for however much longer it remains in place, this is the biggest betrayal in all of modern mainstream superhero comics.


I know comic book fans who not only refuse to read THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN so long as this gross alteration of continuity remains in place, but flat-out refuse to read another Marvel comic. And I’ll tell ya, I don’t blame’em. It is a betrayal of Spider-Man the character. It is a betrayal of the very principles of the Marvel Universe. It is a betrayal to the concept of heroism itself, and an insult to the intelligence of comic book consumers – nay, the intelligence of literate human beings.

Nothing else comes close.

…nuff said.

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