Spy Hunter Speeding to the Big Screen

The Hollywood Reporter (via its Heat Vision blog) is reporting that Warner Bros. has plans to bring the 1983 Nintendo video game Spy Hunter to the big screen.

Chad St. John has been hired to write the feature adaptation.

The video game follows a highly skilled spy whose job is to terminate rogue agents. His vehicle of choice is a tricked out G-6155 Interceptor, a sports car with an array of weapons like smoke screens and oil slicks. The Hunter is frequently challenged by enemy vehicles.

Hunter was previously set up at Universal, where John Woo and Dwayne Johnson were attached to direct and star, respectively. Paul W.S. Anderson tried to relaunch the project for Universal. Both projects obviously fell through.

The Pulse: I remember playing this very simple came back in the day. Despite how frickin’ hard it was, it was still one of my favorites. Being that game pretty much lacked any plot or characters it leaves the filmmakers to really go wild with the premise.

However, a two hour film of one long bird’s eye view chase scene could be a lot of fun and challenging to pull off.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.