TNA Impact Spoilers

– Team 3D discuss a poll on the TNA website about the most popular tag team, which resulted in a tie between them and Motor City Machine Guns. They challenge the Guns to a match for the title shot the Guns won at Destination X.

– Motor City Machine Guns and Team 3D go to a no-contest. Chris Sabin accidentally knocks out referee Slick Johnson. Earl Hebner replaces him and the match ends with a double pin, Devon on Sabin and Alex Shelley on Ray.

– Hulk Hogan apologises to Jeff Jarrett for what Eric Bischoff has been doing to him. In bed.

– Hulk Hogan meets with Black Machismo. In bed.

– Bubba the Love Sponge joins The Band. Kevin Nash calls out Eric Young. He offers Young a spot in the Band after all. Young beats them up but is jumped before he can choke out Bubba. Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy make the save.

– Shannon Moore & Kazarian beat Doug Williams & Brian Kendrick when Moore pins Kendrick. Moore puts some make up on Kendrick after the match.

– DA POPE calls A.J. Styles a shadow in the streetlights and says that he is the godlight of TNA. He tells Styles to get a spacesuit because at Lockdown he will take him to the outer limits. Styles may be phenomenal but Da Pope is pimpin’. Chelsea interrupts and asks for his help to make her become a ho. Desmond Wolfe tries to jump him from behind but Pope throws him away and makes out with Chelsea. He leaves some cash in her cleavage.

– Orlando Jordan is lowered to the ring from the rafters, covered in yellow tape. He crawls away up the ramp.

– Tara beats Daffney in a First Blood Match after hitting her in the head with a tool box. Daffney enjoys the blood.

– A.J. Styles beats Jeff Jarrett. Ric Flair was ejected from ringside but returns to distract the referee and knock him out. Eric Bischoff tries to hit Jarrett with a guitar but is stopped by Jarrett. Styles then hits a low blow and a Styles Clash for the pin.

– Jay Lethal tells Bischoff to come up with a main event for him. Bischoff tells Black Machismo to go the ring. In bed.

– Jay Lethals beats Beer Money with a small package on Robert Roode.

– Desmond Wolfe beats Da Pope by hitting him with brass knucks as Chelsea distracts the referee.

– Kurt Angle and Ken Anderson talk about one another. In bed.

– Eric Young, Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy beat The Band in a Steel Cage Match. Young pins Sean Waltman after an elbow from the top of the cage.

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