The Office – Episode 6-21 Review

Tonight on “Happy Hour”, Michael gets kicked out of the bar when he pulls out all the stops to impress a friend of Jim and Pam’s.

Oscar tries to talk with Matt (the warehouse guy he has a crush on) for the first time since Christmas. In order to have a lengthier conversation, Oscar proposes an after work happy hour to everyone. Hoping she would get him off the hook, Jim invites Pam out, but she is too ecstatic to be spending time around adults for the first time in week to turn down the invite.

At the bar, Pam insists that she introduce Michael to one of her friends, Julie because she “laughs at everything”. When Michael later realizes he is on a successful date, he decides to change things up by acting obnoxious and wearing a Kangol beret.

“Hi I’m Date Mike, nice to meet me. How do you like your eggs in the morning?” *wink*

Isabelle meets Pam there, “running into” Dwight. Dwight finds that Isabelle has an advantage over Angela, but can’t get around their prenatal contract. When he declares the contract to be null, Angela is heartbroken. At the end of the night, Angela confronts Dwight and Isabella in the parking lot with a summons to appear in court for violating their contract. Isabelle smacks Angela on the head, scaring her away and she and Dwight share a kiss.

The manager threatens to kick Michael out of the bar when he decides to dance on a pool table, confusing Julie and making Jim and Pam uncomfortable. Attempting to take a stand against the management, Michael confronts the woman and demands an apology. Ironically, she buys into his tough guy persona, buys him a drink (Michael orders a grenadine), and offers him lunch.