The Pope D’Angelo Dinero News: Wrestlemania Memories, TNA Lockdown,

The Pope D’Angelo Dinero gets a world title match at April’s Lockdown PPV and he is doing some interviews to promote. Here are some highlights:

on TNA vs WWE
TNA is a family environment. The same environment that I spoke of earlier that we like to give to fans at a live event, that’s how we are, period. Yes, we all want to be champions and make money, but we all support one another’s efforts in doing so. You’re not gonna find that in the giant known as WWE. It’s too much of a warzone, if you will, among the guys there. If you walk in the TNA locker room and the WWE locker room, in TNA everyone is smiling and happy. It’s a great day to come to work. We have guys that have been wrestling 20, 30 years, guys who have been on top of the business, but everyone is on same page and treats everyone with respect. You don’t get talked down to.

on appearing at Wrestlemania
I did two WrestleManias, and of course I had the honor and privilege to do so. But as far as having a lot of memories from it, coming up, I wasn’t a WWF fan, I was an NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) fan and a World Class Championship Wrestling fan. I’m from Florida. My fondest memories are of Flair and “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, the days of the Horsemen and Sting. When it came to the biggest WrestleMania shows, which of course we all watched, it’s something where you really cherish those days. Wrestling is what it is right now, and it’s good, but for us and our childhood memories, it’s great. Hogan and Warrior (at WrestleMania VI) stands out. It was the first time you had, like, the ultimate good vs. the ultimate good. It was like Superman vs. Batman. The WWF at that time was like a comic book come to life, and that match kind of represented that.

on his main event with AJ Styles at Lockdown
Lockdown, Lockdown, Lockdown. St. Louis, Mo., April 18, the Pope vs. AJ Styles, main event inside the steel cage. Pope gets his shot at realizing his dream of being the TNA world champion. I’m going in there against someone who has done it all in this business. This man is phenomenal, I give him that. Hopefully I get my hands on him live in Ozark. If I can get my hands on him there, I’ll be able to give Pope’s congregation a preview of Lockdown. There’ll be some high times, some fun times tomorrow night. We’re gonna give you an experience.

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