Will Schumacher's return be a success?

Returning after having retired from the sport in 2006, Michael Schumacher finished in 6th spot in Bahrain. His return is seen as one compared to George Foreman and to Bjorn Borg. Both were tops in their sport but when they returned both had vastly different results. From winning the heavyweight title after coming out of retirement, to losing every match he played in his ‘comeback’.

Schumacher’s return has been a boost to TV ratings for F1 and he is the best known face in the sport for most people. He leads the F1 all time with 91 wins way more than the second place racer with 51. For over 10 years he was seen as the best winning the WDC seven times, he became known as the best “statistically and visibly the greatest racer ever.”

Hoping to keep this legacy intact, and having to adapt to the changes made in the past few years, it is probable that he might not win a race, but having seen him drive, he surely will adapt and possibly try to finish in the top 5 for drivers rankings which would be incredible at his age. Having to compete with racers like Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa is hard for any racer because of the lack of overtaking in the sport, but experience does play a huge factor in racing, knowing where to be at the right moment can help you avoid a crash and win a race. Having won on most F1 courses, I look forward to him possibly adding a few more to his list and over the next few years if he decides to stay in the F1 maybe he can reach a 100 wins, and raising the bar for excellence in a sport.