WWE Vintage Collection Recap – 3/21/10

So, we’re back for another week and we’re still looking back over previous WrestleMania events. This week it’s going to be highlights from WrestleMania 13, 14 and 15.

Okay. we come in and we’re starting at WrestleMania XIV with a match for the Light Heavyweight Championship between Taka Michinoku and Aguila. Coming in, Taka gives a shoulder block before the action reverses and Aguila gives an arm drag into headscissors and an insiguri kick. Taka rolls to the outside and Aguila hits a baseball slide to the outside before climbing up high to hit a moonsault off to the outside. Aguila rolls back in, and the two men fight for a suplex from the apron, Taka gets back in, Aguila rolls out and Taka goes up high and hits a cross body to the outside. Taka slides back in, Aguila rolls in after him, Aguila ends up in the corner and Taka hits some kicks and a slide into him. Snapmare before a kick gets a two count. Aguila gets up, Taka goes for him and a backdrop sends Taka to the outside of the ring again. When they get back in, Aguila manages to get an arm drag while both men are up on the ropes. Aguila goes for another arm drag before going up high and getting a wristlock takedown. Taka rolls out again and Aguila hits a corkscrew to the outside. As both men are on the outside we go to an ad break.

Coming back in, Taka is climbing up onto the apron, the men exchange blows and Taka goes up to the top rope to hit a moonsault which misses, Aguila climbs up and hits a moonsault to a two count. Taka slaps Aguila across the face, goes up to the top rope where Aguila joins him. Taka pushes him off backwards, goes for a splash but Aguila raises his knees. Aguila sits Taka up on the top rope, delivers a chop and then gets a headscissors. Taka is able to reverse things as he gets a missile dropkick before he gets to reverse a hurricanrana into a powerbomb. Taka goes for another moonsault and again, Aguila moves and rolls Taka up for a two count. Aguila goes up high again, but he’s met with a dropkick as he comes down. Taka hits a Michinoku driver for the three count and the win. Still champion, Taka Michinoku.

We’re going for a quick look back through at WrestleMania 15. It’s a video package and we have a look at the brawl for all where Butterbean knocked out Bart Gunn. And we also have a look at highlights from the match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, where Stone Cold went home with the championship, but not before he hit a stunner on Vince McMahon.

Now we’re going back to WrestleMania 13 in a brief package where we saw a little of the Nation of Domination (Crush, Faarooq & Savio Vega) take on the Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) and Ahmed Johnson in a street fight match. Where Johnson, Animal & Hawk take home the win.

The next match is from WrestleMania 13 where we’re looking at an Intercontinental Championship match where Rocky Maivia is the champion, and he’s up against the Sultan. The Sultan has Bob Backlund and the Iron Sheik in his corner. We come in and Maivia gets in some punches, Sultan knocks Maivia down with a shoulder block, he pops back up and gets straight back on top ending with a clothesline and two dropkicks before the Sultan rolls to the outside. Maivia goes up high, and the ref talks him down. Sultan is just walking outside, and Maivia goes out to try and get him. Maivia is punching and his arm ends up being slammed into the ring post. Sultan starts to work on his arm, and they go back into the ring. Sultan hits a clothesline and keeps Maivia down. They get to standing, Maivia blocks a punch and the Sultan throws him into the corner before slamming him with a clothesline which goes into a submission hold on the trapezius. Maivia is able to get to standing, he runs the ropes but is stopped by a knee from the Sultan. And he is picked up and given a backbreaker. Sultan goes up to the top rope and delivers a headbutt just as we go to an ad break.

As we come back, Sultan is getting in some punches, but Maivia is able to start getting some offense in, punches, a dropkick, kicks and a belly to belly suplex which all lead to a two count. Maivia is thrown off the ropes, and is able to reverse into a DDT before he goes up to the top rope for a cross body and goes for the cover. But the ref is distracted in the corner by the Iron Sheik. Maivia turns his back on the Sultan but is able to turn around before he can creep up behind him, but it doesn’t do him much good as he takes a massive superkick to another two count. Sultan sets him up for a powerbomb but it only gets him another two count. Sultan goes for a bodyslam, Maivia rolls around him and is able to hold on for a three count and the win. Maivia goes to the outside, but is attacked by the Sultan, Iron Sheik and Bob Backlund and thrown back into the ring. Rocky Johnson comes flying into the ring to save his son, but it doesn’t stop the Sultan who starts in on Johnson. Maivia is able to get back on top of things, Iron Sheik is bodyslammed twice, and all three disappear so that Rock and Johnson can celebrate in the ring.

Our next moment comes from WrestleMania XIV where Shawn Michaels took on Stone Cold with Mike Tyson as the special enforcer. Stone Cold takes the win, and Michaels takes a knockout blow from Tyson.

Now straight into our main event with a video package about Kane and Undertaker, from back when they were brothers. From when Kane was masked, and we see a brief look at Kane destroying people with the tombstone piledriver. We’re setting up for a brother vs. brother match but we also get to have a look at how good Kane is at setting fire to things, and making things explode.

We’re going back to WrestleMania XIV where Undertaker is taking on his brother, Kane for the first time ever. We’re treated to a little bit of Undertaker’s entrance to the ring. As this gets started, the two men face off in the center of the ring, staring each other down. Undertaker gets in the first punches here, as he moves Kane back into the turnbuckle. Kane is able to catch Undertaker with an elbow from the corner, and the two men switch around positions, and switch again. Kane reverse to throw Undertaker into the other corner, goes to run in after him but Undertaker raises his foot and kicks Kane. But Kane is able to get a clothesline in after this. Undertaker pops straight back up, he runs the ropes, jumps, and Kane catches him, turns him upside down and runs him into the turnbuckles. Leaves him upside down and kicks him before choking him out. Kane irish whips Undertaker into the corner hard, and then does it back into the other corner. Punches and kicks knock Undertaker down. Kane throws Undertaker down over the ring ropes before he springboards off the top rope to hit another punch as we go to an ad break.

We come back in, and Kane has Undertaker in a side headlock. Undertaker is able to counter, and throws Kane out over onto the ground before hitting him with a few kicks to keep him there. Undertaker goes to fly over the top rope onto Kane, but misses and lands on the announce table which of course, falls to pieces. Kane hops back into the ring, but gets back out and goes to get Undertaker. Kane goes to the top rope as Undertaker gets to standing and Kane hits a flying clothesline from the top rope for a two count. Kane keeps hitting punches until Undertaker starts to fight back with his own punches. Undertaker is able to pick Kane up, but he overpowers and Undertaker is put into position for a tombstone piledriver. But it only gets a two count, so Kane starts back on the punches. Undertaker strikes back and a clothesline knocks Kane off his feet. Kane gets straight back up again and is treated to a chokeslam. Again he gets up and Undertaker hits him with a tombstone piledriver of his own which only leads to a two count. Undertaker gets up to hit a leg drop, and as Kane gets to standing, Undertaker goes for another tombstone piledriver which only leads to another two count. Of course, Paul Bearer is ringside screaming at the Undertaker. This is where Undertaker goes up to the top rope, and comes down with a flying clothesline. Both men pop up again and we see a third tombstone piledriver which gets Undertaker the three count and the win. Paul Bearer throws a chair in, and kicks Undertaker a few times. Undertaker gets up, punches Bearer, and then Kane uses the chair on Undertaker before hitting him with a tombstone piledriver into the chair. Of course, after Kane and Bearer get out of the arena Undertaker pops up as if nothing happened and makes his way out of the arena.

That’s all she wrote for this week, enjoy WrestleMania everyone!

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