Ides of March

First a word from Mathan

One of the most vital parts of Comics Nexus is our forum. It’s a place full of strong opinions and outsized personalities. It’s a place where comics are dissected and critiqued on a daily basis.

So naturally when I conceived of this feature I wanted to include the forums as much as I could. I extended an invitation to our loyal posters to participate and they took up me up on it.

Individually they are insightful and thoughtful. Collectively they are the infamous Page Two Crew 3.0. Take it away guys.


No doubt about this one: Terra Markov. Terra was a breath of fresh air to the close knit Teen Titans in their golden era of strong stories and deep characterization. She was spunky, her powers were distinctive, and she looked almost cherubic. She was also the cornerstone of Deathstroke’s plan to completely destroy the Titans from within. For months fans were shown the two sides of Terra with no idea which one was going to win out; the titan,or the traitor.

Fans expected her to be a ‘hooker with a heart of gold’- she’d make bad choices, but eventually she’d come around and support the team that took her in with open arms,right? She’d rethink her betrayal and do the right thing. Instead, Terra suprised everybody by being exactly what she was portrayed to be, an immoral sociopath hitting the titans exactly where it mattered.Even 20 years later and a few revamps/ressurections later, the legacy of Terra Markov looms whenever the titans have doubts, and many individual characters are still affected by her actions today.
Honorable mention: Tony Stark.

Comics most brutal moments.

That “S” up there saves me, because let me tell you all, I’ve witnessed some serious gore and at this point, and it’s intended effect has been diminished. With that in mind, let’s run off some of the most brutal moments that have stuck with me.

In no particular order:

– The Gov. vs everybody (The Walking Dead): When Kirkman said we were going to lose a few people, I had no idea we were going to see THIS. Lori, the baby, Tyrese,gone. And not just a done in one, Ty took a few panels to actually be decapitated. This is one of those stories that just sticks with you, and the brutality of humans once again eclipsed anything the zombies have inflicted on our ever dwindling band.

– Moon Knight vs Bushmaster (Moon Knight, #2): Ok, Moon Knight has inflicted some pretty serious whuppings in recent times,including one memorable exchange where he makes Taskmaster pee himself. But the top of the list has to be the flashback to his “final” encounter with archnemesis Bushmaster, which is short and ugly,and ends even uglier. Very rarely does ‘hate’ seem to carry over on the page when a hero and their opposite encounter each other,but this fight was like two rabid animals ready to rip themselves apart as long as they could take the other one down with them.

-Grifter vs Agent Orange (Wildcats 3.0): Grifter gets his ass kicked. Hard. While Agent Orange doesn’t even work up a sweat. Few encounters in comics (particularly in super hero books) are as one-sided as this one, and the creative team makes you actually believe anything can happen. I’m so sad this book is gone.

-Black Adam vs everybody- (Pick any recent Black Adam appearance): It’s a credit to the creators involved that we can have arguments over the ‘heroism’ of a guy who rips out the hearts of teenage super heroes, but there is no denying that Black Adam has been front and center for some of the most over the top brutality in the DCU. Wether it’s ripping out Miss markov’s heart, tearing Terra Man in half, or doing his three stooges finger poke of doom right through Psycho Pirate’s face, Teth Adam has provided a fairly impressive number of “…I can’t believe that just happened” moments.

The most heartbreaking moment? The final issue of Y the Last Man, particularly ‘the scene in snow’. If you’ve read it, you know what I’m talking about. It actually made me cry. Few books can do that, and the fact that a comic managed to do it took me by suprise.


Okay so for the best betrayal I am going to go to my favorite series and that is Preacher. My pick for this is Cassidy. Now let me give you some background. I have given this series to so many people and I make it a point to always ask after they get through the 1st couple of trades…who is your favorite character? I would say 90% of the time they all say the same thing…Cassidy. Now I always give a sly look and say just wait. Through the whole 1st half of the series cassidy is shown as Jesse’s closest friend and all around great drinking buddy. Well we all know that all goes to shit and he becomes a complete douchebag. He lied to Tulip when she asked if Jesse said anything before he got dropped out of the plane. he got her hooked on pills and booze to keep her with him. Even before that we get a back story on what a dick he was when he knocked that girl’s eye out. So he steals Jesse’s girl and eventually gets the mean end of a pistol from her. Then we learn all about his back story where he basically betrays everyone he supposedly cares about. Tulip tried to tell Jesse about him but Jesse just always thought he was a good guy. He may have redeemed himself at the end of the series but everything leading up to that was him being a giant asshole and betraying the people that cared about him most. after the people i have given this series to finish it I always ask them…so how do you feel about cassidy now? I get the same answer every time…what a complete asshole.


I’ve instantly thought of 3 specific instances – 2 probably because they were more recent.

The two recent ones were good, but don’t live up to my top one. The honorable mentions go to the Red Mist setting up Kick Ass, Hit Girl, and Big Daddy. It was a nice swerve, setting up the ending of the series.

The other one was Bishop turning on the X-Men to kill Hope and prevent his future. I never expected him to be one to kill a child to change the future. It brings up that moral question of killing Hitler as a kid to prevent the holocaust.

My favorite back-stabbing moments of comics was the first arc of Thunderbolts. It’s a two fold back stab. It was nice seeing the team of new characters stepping in for the Heroes Reborn fiasco. Instead, the readers find out that these heroes are really the Master’s of Evil in disguise. It was a jolt to see that. It was also a back stab for the people of the Marvel Universe, as they thought they had new protectors who had lied to them. It was a brilliant move by Kurt Busiek and was pulled of perfectly.


Nolan Grayson was sent to Earth with one mission. To enslave it. But he chose to settle down and raise a family. That is the origin of Mark “Invincible” Grayson. But only a select few knew Nolan as an alien, and no one knew the truth of why he came to Earth. When Nolan killed the Guardians of the Globe, Mark discovered the truth about his father. Mark was given a choice, join his father, or die. When ensued was the most brutal and violent battle I’ve seen in a comic. Mark stood his ground and never gave up, but he was no match for his father. He was left a shattered, bloody heap. Making it the most brutal betrayal in comics.

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